Hairstyles For Really Long Hair

Hairstyles for really long hair can provide versatility and style. Here are a few ideas to try:

A Classic Middle Part

A classic look for long hair is a crisp middle part. This style can be easily achieved at home and paired with light hold gel for support. It’s perfect for special events or even everyday wear. This style especially complements wavy hair types.

Asymmetrical Layers

Long asymmetrical layers can create an eye-catching style. This is especially great for those with fine or thin hair, as it adds volume and texture. For an edgier look, consider shaving one side. Blunt cuts can also enhance the contrast between shorter and longer sections. Adding side bangs can soften the effect and hide noticeable differences between cells. Dark, rich chocolate tones can further highlight the asymmetry.

Asymmetrical Curls

Asymmetrical curls can add volume and texture to long hair. This timeless style always stays in fashion and allows your personality to shine. Adding color accents can maximize the impact. Consider trying an eye-catching long asymmetrical bob with a platinum blonde ombre fade for a bold and confident look. For a subtler style, go for an uneven bob with bangs and consider adding rose gold streaks for a feminine touch.

Asymmetrical Ponytail

Thick hair is ideal for styling an asymmetrical ponytail. The added dimension creates interest, whether you have a pixie cut or a deep side part wavy bob. Thicker strands also help add volume. You can easily manipulate the asymmetrical style to add more interest to everyday looks. If you need more time to commit to an asymmetrical manner fully, add subtle asymmetry by incorporating a side braid with your daily ponytail. This adds drama and interest to any occasion.

Asymmetrical Fishtail Braid

To give your typical fishtail braid a flair, try turning it into an asymmetrical style. You can achieve this by creating two Dutch fishtails on either end, creating an eye-catching contrast. This style looks stunning with platinum blonde balayage highlights on sleek black hair, but it can also work well with brown and brunette shades. The wide braid curves beautifully and is firmly secured to stay in place all day. Consider framing your face with a side-swept fishtail braid if you have long bangs. This casual and flirty look is perfect for any casual event. Divide a small section of hair in the front and create a regular fishtail braid before switching to a side fishtail braid. Pinning this combination together makes an eye-catching and stunning appearance.