How to Rock a Cool Look If You Have Male hair Thinning on Top

Men who suffer from thinning hair can use various solutions to make themselves look and feel their best. Some options include changing their diet, using essential oils, relieving stress, and using thickening shampoos with Saw Palmetto extracts.

Short on the Crown

If you’re experiencing crown hair thinning, there are several strategies you can try to achieve an appealing style. One option is sporting short stubble to draw more focus to the top of your head. Alternatively, you can keep longer locks and create an interesting comb over, pompadour, or slick back style. You may also consider an FUE graft treatment for discreet relief in this problem area.

Short in the Back

The good news is that diffuse thinning tends to be temporary. By making lifestyle adjustments like eating healthier foods, cutting back on alcohol, and drinking plenty of water daily, it may be possible to stop hair loss altogether and even stimulate new follicles to grow new strands. You can try styles like comb overs or use wigs to cover thinning areas on the crown. Taking action early is important!