Boris Johnson’s Untidy Hair

Boris Johnson’s Signature Look

Boris Johnson is known for his undone hairstyle. He insists that his messy hair is entirely natural and that he uses no hair gel or products to achieve it. Prime Minister Theresa May even adopted his bed-hair look for her appearances on British entertainment shows.

A Symbol of Rebellion

Johnson’s unruly hairstyle has come to symbolize xenophobic rhetoric and Euroskepticism. It sets him apart from other politicians, presenting him as a rebellious outsider rather than a part of the elite. This image has proven effective in making him more relatable to voters.

A Political Strategy

Johnson’s messy hair is an aesthetic choice and a political strategy. As his career in British politics advanced, he embraced his inner bohemian and positioned himself against the establishment.

The Iconic Blond Locks

Boris Johnson’s mop of blond hair has become iconic. People love discussing everything related to his hair, from its dyed hue to marketing strategies that use it as a branding feature.

A Distraction or Humor?

Johnson’s messy appearance has caused speculation. Some observers believe it is meant to distract from his lack of competence, while others see it as self-deprecating humor.

A Strategic Ploy

Johnson’s expanding mop of hair has made headlines and has become part of his political brand. Even though hairdressers are open again, it is unlikely that he will abandon his signature look.

Evidence of Dyeing?

Claims have been made that Johnson dyes his locks green, although the evidence is not conclusive. These claims were made by Tory MP David Morris based on photos taken at leadership race events.

A Sign of Standing Out

Johnson’s unruly appearance sets him apart from other politicians who typically keep their hair neatly coiffed for television cameras. This helps him deflect accusations of being an elite and out of touch with common people.

The Transformation of Appearance

Boris Johnson’s appearance has evolved over time. Photos from his Bullingdon Club days show him looking different. Similar to Charles James Fox, Johnson’s messy appearance conceals an ambitious drive within him.