The Best Natural Hair Styles

Whether you are considering making a big chop or already have short hair, there are numerous ways to style it. From braided fauxhawks a la Issa Rae’s to flat twist buns – here are our favorite natural hairstyles!

Unleash Your Inner Queen with a Crown Braid

This protective style can keep hair off your face while giving off an elegant, beautiful look.

Chop It All Off

Transitioning to natural hair for health reasons or as an alternative to relaxers often begins with a “big cutting. Haircut” This process may seem intimidating at first but can be liberating depending on your perspective and goals for your locks.

Experiment with New Natural hair Styles

Once you have your new fro cut, it’s time to try out some of the latest natural hairstyles. From slicked-back buns to platinum TWAs, something suitable for everyone is to take inspiration from Yara Shahidi’s polished bun or Chaka Khan’s violet-red afro.

Rock Your Fro at Work

Feel free to wear your fro to the office – with a few quick steps, you can create a professional and stylish look that fits right in with the office environment. Remember to use protective styles and avoid chemical treatments until natural growth occurs, resulting in beautiful and healthy locks that show your patience! It might take trial and error, but the effort will pay off.

Protect Your Existing Hair

If you don’t want to cut all of your natural hair off, there are still ways to maintain its beauty and health. Protective styles offer plenty of options to wear your locks differently while giving them a break from leave-in conditioners or hot styling tools that may cause dryness or single-strand knots.

Try Didi Braids

Didi braids are an ideal protective style for natural hair, providing sleek and modern vibes while protecting and securing curls.

Consider Space Buns

Space buns keep hair away from your face and can be a great option. Finger coils work well for shorter curly textures that require less volume.

Opt for Flat Twists

Flat twists provide a uniform definition and excellent protective style for natural hair. They can easily transition into a twist after a few days.

Combo: Flat Twists and Cornrows

Combining flat twists with cornrows creates an eye-catching style, perfect for showing off your luxurious locks.

Add Marley Braids

Try incorporating Marley braids to add fullness and thickness to your flat twist style. This unique natural hairstyle lasts longer.

Try Bantu Knots

Bantu knots add volume and protection from frizz and are also beautiful on Type 3 and Type 4 locks.

Remember to wash your hair before starting for better results, and use moisturizing oil to prevent dryness when removing the knots.