The Different Kinds of Curly Hair

Curly hair doesn’t conform to one single mold; there’s something different for everyone, from wavy waves to tight coils and everything in between. Understanding your unique strands is the key to properly caring for them and keeping them looking their best.

Type 1

Type 1 curly hair features loose, tousled waves or coils that flatten toward the ends. People with this curl pattern should use strong hold styling products to accentuate waves or coils and avoid heavy creams that weigh down their locks.

Type 2

Curl patterns for this hair type range from loose, wavy waves to tightly defined “S” shaped curls. hair specialists usually classify this category into 3A, 3B, and 3C subcategories to help individuals identify their specific coils more easily and understand how they react to humidity, frizz, and styling products.

Your wavy locks grow straight at the crown and curl slightly towards the ends for an eye-catching texture. Usually less oily than Type 1, your wavy hair type responds well to volumizing products without weighing down its structure; on humid days, light leave-in conditioners with anti-frizz ingredients can make a substantial difference and protect its shape while protecting it from frizzing up!

This type is known for its S-shaped curls ranging from loose ringlets to tight corkscrews – often combined. Usually coarser than Type 2, Type 3 hair features defined spiral coils.

Type 4

Type 3 hair features both wavy and curly features, from loose coils to tightly packed corkscrews. It tends to be less susceptible to frizz than Type 2.

4B curls feature tight coils in an S-shape pattern and are more fragile than other Type 4 hair types. To prevent them from drying or becoming disorganized, they must receive adequate conditioning during shower time and post-shower with moisturizing leave-in conditioners.

Type 5

These tightest of coils feature an “S” pattern and are often subject to frizz. As they require plenty of hydration, find products with light textures and natural ingredients that help tame frizz.

Curly hair 3B types feature well-defined medium-size springs that resemble corkscrews. As this curly texture can be dry, low to no heat is best used on it. Light products that won’t weigh down curls should also help, and layers of moisture should also be added to keep strands hydrated.