Best Mens Haircuts 2020

Textured Crop

A textured crop is a stylish look that allows your inner rockstar to shine. Combine it with a fade to accentuate your best facial features.

Textured Look for Wavy Hair

This textured look is a popular trend among men with wavy hair. An elevated skin fade and neat beard help maintain a polished appearance.

Short Textured Quiffs

Short textured quiffs brushed forward and finished off with a low or medium fade are an eye-catching way to rock the textured crop style. Combine it with a full beard for maximum fullness.

Textured Fades for Thicker Locks

Textured fades are ideal for men with thicker locks who want to try something different from the standard flat-top fade. This style can also give the illusion of thicker and fuller locks for those with thinning hair.

High Pompadour with Bald Fade

This contemporary disconnected pompadour style features a high fade with a textured top for an on-trend and youthful appearance. It is especially suitable for men with wavy or curly locks.

Slicked Back Quiff with Beard

Men with short hair can incorporate a trendy comb over into their haircut by slicking it back into a neat pompadour. Opting for a high skin fade with a hard part adds sleekness and precision to the look.

Mohawk with Undercut

An updated quiff with a high skin fade is a stylish alternative to a classic mohawk. Perfect for guys with thin or receding hairline, this style can also work well for those who want longer locks on top.

Spiky Sides with Temp Fade

Temp fades are perfect for men who like the steep angle of a fade without too much hair on the sides. This style features a high fade with a textured crop that creates an artsy and casual appearance.

Bold Comb Over with Taper Fade

Bold comb overs with taper fades are top short haircuts for men looking to show off their style. They can be worn both formally and casually and work well for hiding receding hairlines.

Clean Back and Sides with Matte Pomade

For a classic and straightforward look, combine a low taper fade with a textured quiff. This timeless style is always in fashion.

Textured Fringed Bangs

Fringed bangs are a top trend that adds texture to medium-length hair without becoming unruly. They are an excellent option for those with medium-length locks.

Remember to use styling products like King Brown Matte Pomade to create and maintain these looks.