Best Medium Hairstyles For Men

Men with medium-length hair have many styling options at their disposal. One such style is the blowout haircut, a casual yet fashionable style created by blowing hair upwards while using some pomade to achieve this relaxed style.


Layering can add volume and body to thin locks, adding volume without weight. It pairs nicely with both low and mid fades.

Long bob with long bangs

Men with long hair can look dapper with various medium-length haircuts, from classic, immaculate looks to casual quiffs, mohawks, and spiky undercuts. Men looking to add romantic charm can benefit from sporting a bob with long bangs, as this look is easy to maintain and attractive. Brushing and hair gel are necessary maintenance activities.

Lateral combovers

If you’re growing out your hair but don’t want a complete fade, a lateral comb-over can be one of the best medium hairstyles for men. It lets you keep sides short while leaving the top long enough for a sleek, layered look that frames your face. Work some pomade through your locks before brushing back for an effortlessly chic style. Plus, it’s one of the most accessible medium hairstyles for men – making it the ideal option if you don’t have time to fuss with styling daily!

Blowout haircut

Men seeking a tidy yet alluring style without shaving their locks short can opt for the blowout haircut, which can be styled using hair gel for a sleek and attractive finish. It is ideal for medium-length cuts and most face shapes. A pompadour haircut can also make for an excellent medium haircut option for guys with medium-length hair that can easily be styled. Apply some hair gel and comb your style upwards for an impressive, sophisticated, and unique appearance that will leave you feeling confident and stylish.

Side swept pompadour

A pompadour is an easy, low-maintenance hairstyle for men that looks sharp. Perfect for adding volume, this men’s medium-length hairstyle will highlight cheekbones and eyes while adding character. Make this look easily achievable by asking your barber to cut short sides before sweeping them upwards with wax. Use additional structure and texture with resin for added volume. This sleek hairstyle works beautifully for any face shape and any special event. Remember not to oversaturate your locks with too much hair gel; this could weigh down your locks and leave them limp and limping!

Textured hair

Medium hairstyles for men offer endless opportunities. Finding your ideal style depends on factors like the overall style, face shape, and hair types – such as high and tight undercuts, pompadours, or messy styles. For those with more time, try pairing an eye-catching textured hairstyle on top with a faded shortcut below. This look works particularly well on thicker locks, but you can wear it even with fine hair. To achieve this look, all it takes is some texturizing spray and combing back your hair. You could create some definition and style with an added hard part for added dimension and character.

Kit Harrington’s hairstyle

Kit Harington, best known as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, boasts an enviable long man bob that adds sophistication to his look. This long hairstyle for men ranks among the best medium hairstyles since it balances elegance with masculinity without appearing overly formal or structured. Men with wavy hair may benefit from this style, as it accentuates their natural texture. To recreate it yourself, simply grow your locks to just below your shoulders and pair it with a clean-cut beard – this look will leave you confident and seductive!