Black Hair Twists – Protect Your hair From Breakage

Black hair twists are an effortless protective style to install and require minimal upkeep; just be sure to moisturize your strands regularly for best results and prevent frizziness and itchiness!

Use several flat twists in the front and a low bun in the back for an eye-catching, chic, youthful style that looks particularly striking when worn with gold accessories! This style also looks great when worn without accessories!

Thick Twists

Thick twists are an iconic African hairstyle, versatile enough to suit nearly any look and require minimal maintenance. They look great paired with various hair accessories and can even be created without synthetic hair extensions.

Adwoa Beauty Boamint Moisturizing Curl Defining Cream for textured hair contains DHT blockers and nine oils designed to strengthen condition and secure twists for ultimate style retention.

To prolong the lifespan of your twists, it’s essential to regularly use a clarifying shampoo and moisturize them with quality hair oil or butter. Silk pillowcases may help avoid matting and tangles during sleep and extend their life further.

Bleached Twists

Bleached twists are a popular hairstyle among black men, as they’re more vibrant than regular twists and pair well with any outfit. Creating this style requires an easy hair bleaching kit and proper technique – giving any man access to this style!

Bleached twists can also be dyed in any color you please. Pink works well on darker complexions, while pastel shades such as lavender and blue can brighten lighter skin tones. Furthermore, you can mix colors to create an eye-catching rainbow effect!

Twists typically last two to six weeks. As they’re less taxing on the roots than braids, twists promote healthy hair growth by supporting natural root health. Sleeping with a durag or head wrap to protect from breakage should also help.

Marley Twists

Marley twists are an excellent protective style choice if you want something natural-looking that can help protect against the breakage of natural curls. They are less costly than Havana twists and last longer with proper care than regular twists.

Add some zest to your Marley twists using gold yarn string or multicolored thread to weave through them, or go all-out and go Rapunzel-length for an unforgettable statement.

Be sure to prepare your hair before twisting by washing and detangling thoroughly, removing any product build-up, and adding some hair cream to better grip and control stray strands.

Havana Twists

Havana twists can often be mistaken for Marley twists; however, they have more texture and are more prominent in diameter than their counterpart. According to Shades Of Being Me, they last six weeks with regular washes without damaging natural hair follicles. Furthermore, Havana twists may even be colored, according to this source.

Havana twists may cost more, but they offer more durability and an aesthetic benefit: Lowery describes them as “more natural” in texture.

Good quality hair extensions for kinky twists typically cost approximately $13 per pack and require up to three groups for a stylist’s complete Havana twist style installation. Havana twists also cost more to install than regular twists but are an effective protective hairstyle against braiding or weaving damage.

Senegalese Twists

If you want to add an extra flair to your Senegalese twists, ask your stylist to incorporate bold hair colors at the ends of your braids for an eye-catching finish that reflects your style and speaks volumes about who you are. It will allow them to highlight what makes you unique!

Senegalese twists offer many advantages, not the least being their durability: You can wear them for up to 16 weeks as long as they remain moisturized and secured at night with a satin scarf or bonnet. In addition, Senegalese twists allow you to experiment with new color trends without harming your natural locks.

If you want a protective style that will add volume and movement to your top knot, try getting jumbo Senegalese twists. These massive spirals are much easier to maintain than regular Senegalese twists and can be worn in various styles.