The Best Highlights For Dark Hair

Highlights can add depth and dimension to your hair, yet finding the appropriate shade may be daunting. Luckily, there are numerous attractive highlights for dark hair that suit your style and taste.

Add golden face-framing streaks to a modern brunette bob haircut for an eye-catching upgrade, or go two or three levels lighter for an ash-brown tone that remains neutral without becoming overly relaxed. Chestnut balayage also works beautifully on dark hair.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights can provide any hair color with a boost, including dark brown. Your stylist can work within two shades of your natural shade to craft an exquisite style that allows roots to grow freely without creating an unfavorable look.

Buttery blonde hues provide an easy, subtle way to lighten and brighten brunettes’ complexion without appearing too drastic. Try them today for an ideal highlight that won’t overwhelm you.

Ask your colorist to add delicate streaks of blonde face-framing balayage in thin ribbons around your inverted bob’s perimeter; framing it like thin ribbons of light blonde balayage will bring out the best in your eyes and perfectly complement its rich, earthy chocolate base color.

Milk Chocolate Highlights

Milk chocolate brown highlights are an elegant way to lighten dark hair. Their beauty shines even brighter when combined with balayage techniques that create an alluring blending effect, such as in this beauty’s wavy bob style.

Ash blonde is one of the hottest trends, but it becomes even more alluring when combined with deep chocolaty hues. This balayage technique seamlessly transforms light ash blonde strands into rich chocolate hues to achieve a hot shimmer that radiates with charismatic charm.

Copper Highlights

Copper blonde, pink-tinged highlights, or any shade in between is an incredible hue to enhance dark hair, particularly for ladies with blue or green eyes. Make sure you opt for semi-permanent dye, as permanent hair dye penetrates cuticle layers directly, causing damage.

Light copper highlights perfectly enhance a vibrant red base and add a sun-kissed appearance. For the best natural results, ask your stylist to use the balayage technique when adding them.

Rose Gold Highlights

Dark brown hair looks gorgeous when accented with rose gold highlights, making it especially easy to achieve the romantic shade. Consider an ombre technique where lighter shades of brown blend seamlessly with darker roots and mid-lengths for an irresistibly sun-kissed effect.

Consider switching up your highlight strategy with caramel baby lights or blue balayage for a subtler approach that yields vibrant results.

Caramel and Cream Highlights

Dark brunettes can achieve this timeless style with a full balayage that flows into side-swept bangs. The face-framing highlights create stunning and three-dimensional effects against their darker strands, giving this timeless style its hallmark look.

Tap into your inner Blair Waldorf with soft, sun-kissed caramel highlights in your hair. These waves work best when worn loose or undone.

Peek-a-boo highlights can be an ideal way to brighten up dark hair without creating too much contrast. This style works exceptionally well for brunettes who wish to add lightness yet need more time or commitment for full-blown highlight services.

Cobalt Blue Highlights

Blue highlights make an eye-catching statement in any dark hairstyle, mainly when applied using the balayage technique, as showcased by @brisbeautychair. They create an exquisite transition from black to a dimensional cobalt hue reminiscent of the modern mermaid aesthetic. This look will surely turn heads and turn many heads!

Two shades lighter than your natural hair color will deliver the most striking highlights, creating vibrant yet sophisticated styles. Add golden strands around the chin and neck for an effortless yet elegant style.

Peppery Red Highlights

Peppery red highlights are an easy and stylish way to add spice and depth to brown hair. Deep wine hues like this look fabulous on dark locks with warm complexions, adding a sensual edge that frames your face-framing strands beautifully.

If you love beige highlights but want them to be smooth, ask your colorist for cool brunette tones in your strands – like Johnny Ramirez from celebrity hair colorist Johnny Ramirez, who created this sandy balayage look as an example.

Pastel Highlights

Pastel highlights can transform dark blonde hair quickly. Be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and avoid heat-styling to prevent brassiness, then touch up between appointments with color-safe products.

Alternatively, for a subtler highlight option, consider face-framing blonde streaks in dark brown strands as an easy and low-maintenance way of emphasizing the natural features of your face. This will bring out more dimension within your parts while remaining low maintenance.

Sunset Tones

If you’re ready for a significant color transformation, ask your colorist to apply sandy balayage highlights that blend beautifully with dark brown hair. Additionally, consider opting for mahogany face frames, which add a dash of red to your appearance.

Cool-toned shades like silver or ashy blonde are great for brunettes who wish to lighten their look without going too bright. Just be sure to speak to your colorist about how often bleaching sessions need to occur and the maintenance required for this shade.