Best Hairstyles for short hair?

So you’ve decided to ditch the long hair ponytail and try something new; but what exactly is the best style for short hair? As a short haired man, your options are definitely narrowed down by your face and hair type. For women, the classic ponytail still looks great, but there are plenty of other great haircut ideas that work well for both short and long hair. For men, the classic “boy” haircut is still incredibly popular, but if you’re going for something a little edgier, there are tons of awesome haircuts for men that are currently trendy. No matter what style or haircut you prefer, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

If you’re looking for some of the best styles for short hair on men, you should really consider going with one that is a natural progression of thatline. One such example would be to get a buzz cut, which is basically just a short haircut that has been cropped in a neat little square. This is an extremely sleek style that will really help to make your face look thinner and more defined, and it’s very easy to pull off! Check out these great styles for short hair for more info:

Best Styles For Short Hair

A short hair cut is not limited to rock stars or Hollywood stars, you can pull it off of any average looking girl. There is really no need to be super-cut, if you have the right attitude and can carry off the look. It is best to use a hair cut design that accentuates your face, so if you have a round face, then the best styles for short hair would be to have layers that cascade down from the jaw line to the bottom of the neck. If you have an oval face, then it is best to get rid of the length all together and play up your cheek bones.