Taper Haircuts – The Workhorse of Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s taper haircuts have long been one of the cornerstones of men’s styles, offering classic yet timeless appeal that serves as the basis for more daring styles. This style requires regular upkeep to achieve a piecey and textured appearance. Utilize a low-shine matte product such as clay or pomade to style and smooth the top layer of hair. Create an impactful look by pairing this combination with an extravagant pompadour or quiff style.

Skin Fade

Skin fade is one of the trendiest options for men’s hairstyles. It creates an elegant yet on-trend appearance while pairing well with other looks, such as the comb-over and slicked-back styles. Your barber should use clippers with multiple guards to achieve this look. Skin fade haircuts are a variation on the fade haircut that gradually reduces your hair length to near skin level on both the sides and back of your head. When selecting this style of cut, it’s essential to communicate your preferences to your barber so they can perform it flawlessly and avoid uneven fades that could be difficult or impossible to correct later. Skin fades can range in height from high, medium, or low; selecting one that complements your facial structure and personal tastes is essential regardless of size. You could add an aesthetic design element such as lines or slashes to make it even more distinct, making an ordinary haircut into something spectacular!


Classic taper haircuts are well-known for elongating the face and adding definition. While this style works particularly well on men with thick locks, it also works beautifully on those with thinner locks. Maintenance for this haircut is minimal; styling it takes only minutes! Perfect for anyone wanting a quick way to change up their appearance!

When selecting the ideal haircut, you want something that best reflects your unique personality. There are various styles to consider when choosing a cut, each offering its own set of advantages. One popular style is taper fade – which involves shaving hair around your head gradually until there is an apparent decrease in length, typically leaving approximately two-four inches longer locks on top than back and sides. Various styles of taper fades are available, from low and mid to high. Low taper fades start approximately one inch above your ear, while tall taper fades start near the temples.


The classic taper is an increasingly popular style among business professionals. This hairstyle features a thicker top that gradually tapers to your ears, making it the ideal option if you are still deciding whether to commit fully to short locks. Low-taper haircuts are a good solution for people who wish to keep their sides long while keeping the back and neck areas short and sleek. It features a distinct side part and pairs well with pompadours, quiffs, or comb-overs; beards may add an edge. There are various taper haircuts, such as skin fade, and high taper fade. Both styles share similar elements, but each offers something unique. For instance, skin disappears typically shortens until you can see your scalp, while taper haircuts gradually shrink over time. The high taper fade is a stylish variation of the taper haircut that is becoming increasingly popular with men worldwide. Distinguished by a high contrast between long tops and short sides, it complements virtually all hairstyles imaginable, including those who sport beards or mustaches and pompadours/quiffs/pompadours, etc. Additionally, its versatile nature makes it perfect for showing off facial features or necklines.

Side Part

A tapered side part creates a more refined appearance than regular parts, perfect for long hair that needs to be styled into a pompadour or sleek back with ease. Furthermore, this style can also work for men with straight, thin locks, as the extra length on top can create a volume that helps cover thinning spots. Depending on your preference, this style can be achieved using either a low or high fade; a low fade begins at the base of your neckline and tapers out towards the skin, while a high fade ends just above your ears. No matter which variation is chosen, this hairstyle offers men with medium or long hair an effective combination of short and longer locks, creating a dynamic contrast in length. Side Parts are versatile and straightforward to keep up. Ensure the part is neat, and rubbed well along its line with pomade for best results. This will keep hair in its place without appearing greasy; depending on your desired style, it may require trimming at least every month or more frequently depending on haircut or hairstyle – consult your barber or stylist accordingly for advice. Additionally, side parts make an ideal way to add texture and height to any man’s appearance.


Pompadour hairstyles are an ideal way to give yourself extra height. Additionally, this style allows you to play with proportions, create contrast between the sides and top of your head, and keep any unwanted locks out of your face! A taper haircut would work well here. For this style, it is necessary to have a short back and sides, a clean fade, and some length on top of your head, for creating the pompadour effect. Once this has been accomplished, apply some pomade and create the pompadour look by combing your hair up into it. Add a slight fade to your pompadour for an updated, stylish look. Just be sure it stays manageable; otherwise, you risk losing it altogether! This style is ideal for men who want to look sharp but lack more energy or time to maintain full daily pompadours.

Slicked Back

A taper haircut is ideal for men seeking a classic yet versatile style, giving them plenty of styling options as their hair grows. Various variations on this cut allow for versatile looks from casual to posh; thicker locks benefit as this style allows more length on top. The primary distinction between a fade and taper haircuts lies in their respective cutting techniques: A fade requires cutting your hair all the way down to the skin, while a taper gradually becomes shorter as it moves down your back and sides. Fades typically feature shorter lengths, while taper cuts are available at any height – something that is essential for choosing an appropriate amount with your barber. Slicked-back taper cuts for men are increasingly popular because of their sophisticated and elegant appearance, suitable for any special event or occasion. To achieve the slick back style, ensure your strands are sleek and straight by using a product such as gel or pomade that makes for easy manipulation; additionally, you may add extra volume with hairspray or volumizing spray for an enhanced slick back effect.