Best Hairstyles 2020 Men

If you’re tired of Ivy League or militant crew cuts, try this textured style that proclaims your artistic roots without taking yourself too seriously. Apply some pomade to your strands for an effortless yet effortlessly stylish appearance.

This gorgeous medium-length cut stands out from its sleeker cousin by adding texture on top, and a temple fades with a hard part, creating an eye-catching style that makes women swoon.

The quiff is an elegant and timeless style worn in various forms. This look works exceptionally well on men with thin hair, adding volume at the top of their heads. Furthermore, pairing this look with low taper fades can create a stylish finish; use pomade to slick back your quiff for an impressive finished product!

John Travolta made this look famous with his performance in Grease, and its popularity remains timeless today. If you want to give this trend a try yourself, make sure your locks are long enough to create a complete and round interpretation of a quiff, or add some drama by using something like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax to style them in neatly instead.

This hairstyle is ideal for creating a masculine and sophisticated aesthetic, being easy to style and maintain and suitable for many face shapes. Furthermore, its volume-generating qualities make it perfect for thicker locks as it creates lots of lift.

The classic men’s comb-back haircut creates a clean and sophisticated appearance, making it suitable for everyday wear. Additionally, you can quickly adapt this style to fit your personal preferences by adding fades or dying your locks.

A fade is an excellent choice for creating contrast with their hairstyle, adaptable to fit any length and style, such as fringes and quiffs. Furthermore, it helps enhance curly locks’ natural texture to complete the look.

The classic crew cut is an attractive yet practical men’s haircut, ideal for work and school environments alike. It requires little maintenance to keep looking neat and tidy – an attractive feature for those seeking a more leisurely morning routine.

Style Notes: A crew cut is a highly flexible hairstyle that can quickly adapt to different preferences and tastes. Add elements like a fade or side part for an eye-catching touch; these work well for most face shapes, while side parts look especially great on square faces. The hair length on top also matters greatly; opting for medium to high crew cuts with skin fades for optimal results.

A buzz cut is one of the easiest and simplest haircuts for men. Perfect for keeping things straightforward while looking sharp, this hairstyle makes your scalp appear fuller, easy to grow, and suitable with beards.

Add some curved lines for an eye-catching style in a buzz cut. These lines create an unforgettable look that will astonish and charm all your friends!

No matter your style preference, a high and tight style is an adaptable look that can help create an eye-catching dapper appearance. Pair this short hairstyle with either a fade or skin fade for maximum impact; celebrities like Drake often favor it!

If you’re seeking an edgy yet classic hairstyle, this one could be just what you’ve been searching for. A modern take on the pompadour with a hard part adds contrast and structure. Pair it with a fade for added rebellious flair!

This look is great for men with longer hair who work in offices. Unlike a quiff, this style still gives off an office-appropriate, polished vibe – use firm-hold gel to keep it all in place!

Nothing says gentleman like a classic side part. This timeless look is made famous by icons like Cary Grant, David Beckham, and Mad Men’s Don Draper from Mad Men. Comb over one side with gel or pomade for an elegant and fashionable finish.