Best Haircuts For Older Women

Finding a new hairstyle doesn’t need to mean altering your entire appearance; stylists advise selecting a style that complements both your face shape and maintenance level.

Bronzey bronde coloring jobs

Bronzey bronde coloring jobs can add dimension and youthfulness to the locks of mature women looking to add dimension and youthfulness to their locks. Pair this look with a pixie cut featuring dramatic side swept bangs for maximum impact.

Bob Haircut

A classic haircut for older women, the bob is a versatile short cut style. With different lengths, layers, and bang options available to customize it further to each woman’s taste, this hairstyle works best on medium to thick straight locks which can also be styled using styling products for additional texture.

Add some vibrancy and excitement to your bob

Add some vibrancy and excitement to your bob by selecting an eye-catching shade like pink – pairing it with a wavy bob will help give you a look that exudes femininity and youthful energy!

A chin-length French bob

A chin-length French bob is another stylish option for older ladies looking for an easy yet sophisticated hairstyle. Perfect for framing any face shape, a French bob can frame the face beautifully while instantly rejuvenating you and making you appear younger and refreshed – as evidenced by celebs such as Marion Cotillard, Helen Mirren, and Yolanda Hadid wearing this hairstyle!

Wispy Bangs

When classic bobs are too front heavy for older women wearing glasses, adding wispy bangs can make a dramatic difference in balancing out square or round faces. Their feathery layers will soften the face while adding some drama – the bangs soften it further!

For a feminine take on the rock chick cut

For a feminine take on the rock chick cut, try opting for a short pixie with feathery bangs and layers. Jamie Lee Curtis made this style popular with light blonde locks; however, it works beautifully on dark brown or auburn shades as well.

For very fine hair

For very fine hair, ask your stylist to lighten the top layer of bangs prior to cutting them for a textured look that pairs beautifully with face-framing layers and layers that frame your face. Zooey Deschanel made this trend famous; Nathalie Emmanuel can also do it beautifully! To prevent strands from looking oily or limp while blow-drying your locks, use texturizing spray before blow-drying to keep strands from looking greasy or limp.

Side Bangs

No doubt that classic bob haircuts look amazing on women of all ages, but when combined with wispy fringe bangs they truly stand out. This hairstyle gives off a casual, free-spirited vibe and makes an excellent statement piece! Perfect for anyone who enjoys styling their locks in different ways!

Rather than opting for full fringes

Rather than opting for full fringes, try opting for shorter side bangs that frame your face beautifully. This style works particularly well on oval, heart-shaped, or square faces as it creates an eye-catching soft contour around the forehead that conceals fine lines and wrinkles.

This short pixie haircut

This short pixie haircut looks gorgeous in neutral blonde tones and is also ideal for older women wanting a splash of color in their locks. For an eye-catching effect, add highlights or lowlights to the fringe for an eye-catching effect.

Short Layered Pixie Cut

At times it takes courage to go for a short pixie cut, but it can be one of the most versatile and best hairstyles for older women. You can slick back or wear with long bangs like Tilda Swinton; or for an edge add side-swept fringes for an edgier style.

A layered pixie cut

A layered pixie cut can add dimension and volume to straight thin hair and can easily be refreshed with highlights. Pale pink or purple hues can bring youthfulness and edge, while adding dimension can mask any grays which might start appearing.

A bob pixie cut

A bob pixie cut is another timeless, stylish haircut that works on all face shapes. Wear it with side-swept bangs for added dimension on brunettes; its warm mahogany hue helps bring out their complexion for maximum effect.