The Secret to BTS’s Curly hair

Have you ever wondered how jungkook got his trademark curly hair? Last year, fans swooned over his long, wavy tresses. This article will help you figure out the secret to jungkook’s curls. Just remember to keep reading to learn how to get long, wavy, or curly hair like jungkook! Once you know this secret, you’ll look like a star too!

jungkook has curly hair


BTS’s vocalist, Jungkook, is grabbing attention on the red carpet and in the airport with his messy, curly hair. He sported the same look at an Lotte event in 2016, and it looks like he’s feeling the energy from the crowd. Fans have already started calling him their ARMY and praising his hairstyle. However, it’s not just fans praising his hair.


Despite being a male idol, Jungkook has a great sense of style. While his short, slick hairstyles once made him appear too young, the singer is now an adult and has the freedom to wear whatever hairstyle he wants. The long, wavy hair he’s sporting now is a surprisingly mature version of his former look. Whether it’s curly, straight, or somewhere in between, Jungkook looks amazing.

jungkook has permed hair


BTS singer V made his comeback with his new permed hairstyle! The 24-year-old joined the rest of the BTS members in a Vlive session at a global press conference to discuss the group’s new song, Butter. During the press conference, Jungkook began playing with V’s hair by inserting forks into his tresses. Fans went crazy over the sight of the new perm!


Despite his long, thick, wavy hair, BTS member Jungkook has been spotted with a variety of hairstyles. He has been known to sport the iconic long perm hair, as well as a variety of other styles, like the Maltese, bucket, and bed hair. He also has a very big fan following, and the majority of his fans are women!

jungkook has long hair


While he is known for his short and straight tresses, Jungkook also has long, curly hair. His textured hair allows him to flaunt his sexy, cute features. He joined BTS as a lead vocalist in 2013 and has since released two solo songs. His first song, “Begin,” was released in February 2015 and his second, “Euphoria,” was released in April 2016. He has also been credited as a producer on some BTS songs.


Jungkook’s long, curly hair has always been a favorite of fans, and it is no different with his new look. His hair is longer and wavy, and he recently dyed it gold for the Golden Disc Awards. Fans have been raving about his new look, and his hair is now trending online. Fans have wanted his long hair since he first appeared on the K-pop scene.

jungkook has wavy hair


Many fans are waiting for the legendary era when Jungkook had long, wavy hair. While the rapper’s hair is not the most appealing style for the masses, it has many positives. First, he has not dyed his hair in years, so it won’t look like a choppy mess. Second, his hair style is not as unflattering as it might first appear. Third, his wavy hair will not stand out as much, making him more prone to fall in love with his looks.


In addition to his wavy hair, Jungkook also has a golden hue to match his skin tone. His hair was dyed gold for the 35th Golden Disc Awards, which will take place in Korea for the last time in 2020. This is one reason why his hair is wavy and longer. However, if it is black, it will still look like a natural color.

jungkook has undercut


In recent days, BTS member Jungkook has been making headlines with his new short haircut and opening up about his upcoming mixtape. Although the change in style has confused some fans, many BTS hyungs seem to have come around to Jungkook’s new style. Read on to see why the curly boy’s new cut is a welcome change.


A two-block haircut is one of the most popular haircuts among K-pop stars. This style involves chopping the sides of the hair while keeping the hair at the hairline long. You can style this hairstyle like a curtain or French crop. A curtain hairstyle is another popular Jungkook-inspired cut. For added flair, try a pink hair shade. In addition, the curly side fringe hairstyle looks great with the pink shade.