BTS’ Jungkook Styles

1. Side-parted short hair

Jungkook stands out as an exceptional member of BTS in terms of fashion. Known for his stunning black locks, he can style in multiple ways; he’s known for his stylish appearance and muscular frame. A short side-parted hairstyle is ideal for men who wish to maintain a sleek and modern aesthetic. Pixie haircuts are another fantastic style option for guys with short hair.

2. Curly shag

Jungkook has been instrumental in popularizing curly shag hairstyles again, with his signature choppy-layered style. You can add color pops for even greater impactful circles, perfect for natural curls. Pairing this cut with a side part makes this style suitable for most face shapes.

3. Pink hair

Pink hair is an increasingly trendy fashion statement. If you want to try out this style but are hesitant about dying your entire head pink, add pink streaks for a splash of color. Alternatively, mauve tones that pair nicely with brown hair may also work.

4. Purple hair

Purple hair is an eye-catching way to show your personality. Purple can add depth and dimension to any style, from light to dark tones. Add subtle pops of color with some streaks woven throughout for added dimension.

5. Curly mullet

Curly Mullets are an ideal style for those with naturally flowing curls. This hairstyle pairs best with a disconnected fade or bald fade that blends into the top without sharp corners. Jungkook of BTS showcases his stunning black rings with this mullet haircut, choosing a style known as the wolfcut mullet with shorter sides and longer curls on top.

Jungkook stands apart from his bandmates by opting to keep his locks natural.