Trendy Shoulder Length Hairstyles For Women With Medium Hair

Women with medium-length hair have many fashionable haircuts to choose from when styling their medium-length locks. Straight and wavy styles alike will look fantastic!

The balayage technique looks incredibly stunning on medium-length hairstyles like this blonde bob. The combination of dark roots and light strands perfectly frames the face while creating volume in these mid-length strands.

Ombre Haircuts

Opt for this fashionable yet straightforward ombre hair color idea for a chic shoulder-length hairstyle with everyday glamor. Dark brown roots give way to caramel-hued mid-lengths before transitioning into light ash blonde at the ends.

An elegant fiery red ombre will complement workaholic women perfectly. This color looks natural and can complete any face shape. Add an edge to this look by styling curtain bangs – these eyebrow-skimming bangs have become highly fashionable this year and will add depth and dimension. Wear them in a side part or backcomb for maximum drama – one of the best ombre shoulder-length haircuts this year.

Straight Bob with Braids

A bob with braids is a stylish yet simple look, perfect for quickly transitioning from daytime work to off-duty social events. Paired with darker hues, braids can add density to thin strands that might otherwise appear sparse; to add subtle depth and dimension, highlight specific areas with balayage or ombre hair accents for even more significant impact.

Feathered strands in this shoulder-length shag cut add timeless glamor and flatter the face, making this style suitable for women of any age. Choose a deep side part or a more classic neck-length amount. Or you could try something bolder, like box braids, to create a modern, edgy look – especially striking when accented with metallic silver or gold highlights!

Curly Haircuts

Curly hair is naturally full-bodied and voluminous yet can appear oversized when cut incorrectly. A layered haircut like this one combines superficial wavy layers with a side part for a flattering, slimming effect, adding richness and sophistication.

Women with curly locks may benefit from opting for a textured shoulder-length hairstyle, bringing out their natural beauty and framing their faces beautifully. A high fade makes styling this style easy, while curls frame faces attractively.

Try this bob if you still need to prepare for an entire pixie crop. It is the ideal medium-length hairstyle, making a versatile statement without going all-out with one style or another. Additionally, its universal nature means it works well with chic ponytails or elegant chignons; long-side bangs can be styled either left or right of your forehead to complete this timeless look!

Layered Haircuts

A layered hairstyle is ideal for adding dimension, movement, and easy styling for medium-length hair. This cut can go from chic workwear style to playful date night attire effortlessly, flattering any facial structure and suiting both women with curly or straight locks.

A blunt layered haircut is cute and versatile, perfect for accessorizing with accessories like stylish headbands or clips. Plus, layers add lots of character and body for women with straight yet limp locks!

Extended layered bobs are another excellent style option for thick hair. Proper cut and styling can easily take your voluminous mane from messy to polished in an instant! Combine it with fringe for an added edge.

Long Haircuts

Long hair offers many shoulder-length styling possibilities, from braiding into half updos or ponytails to braiding them back. Wavy locks significantly benefit from this length as it showcases their natural texture and volume.

Serena Williams looks beautiful in her layered blonde and brown shoulder-length bob, which frames her face beautifully while showing off its sleek layers and side bangs with modernity and sophistication. You can also experiment with texture – see, for instance, this example of a curly shoulder-length bob style.