Best Hair Toner for Light Blondes

If you bleach or dye your hair blonde, a toner may help neutralize brassy tones and prolong its vibrant results. Try this nourishing, plant-based toner designed primarily for light blondes with dynamic effects.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner

Virgin Snow hair Toner is a light violet hair toner designed to neutralize any brassy yellow tones on bleached or white hair while also creating an excellent toned canvas for optimal dyeing results when your locks are bright colors. Available in 118ml pot, this product is free from PPD, Ammonia Resorcinol Phthalate, and gluten.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning kits make an ideal way to prepare hair before dyeing it with this cream formula semi-permanent toner, as its semi-permanent formula neutralizes any residual yellow pigments left from bleaching, giving the hair a bright white finish that looks fresh and pure. This toner should be left on for several hours to neutralize opposite colors in your hair, such as those created by Manic Panic’s Flash Lightning blonde kits or natural blonde locks. Apply this product before dyeing the locks using any of these kits, or it can also be used on natural blonde locks for optimal results.

Ion Bright White Creme Toner

Look no further if you’re searching for a toner to neutralize brassy and warm tones from your blonde locks! With its creamy consistency that easily applies and blends with your color, this toner offers brassy tone removal without being harsh on hair textures or toxic like other products can do. Plus, it is free from phthalates, ammonia, and parabens, making it safe for all hair textures!

Matrix Hair Toner

Matrix Hair Toner helps you quickly achieve a platinum or icy blonde look with this ammonia- and PPD-free toner equipped with an inbuilt conditioner for smooth, shiny locks and protection from heat treatments and salon services.

Wella Demi-Permanent Toners

Wella’s demi-permanent toners help soften overly bright or undesirable tones and emphasize your desired shades for long-term results that only need an occasional touch-up. Their straightforward application process and long-lasting effects make them the ideal way to maintain lighter hues between professional salon visits – they even mix easily with any highlighting or bleaching product, being gentle on your scalp!


Bleach London offers this semi-permanent white toner to neutralize brassy yellow tones in bleached blonde hair, providing an easy solution. Their kit contains both Developing Lotion and Colouroant for smooth application. This toner contains low levels of peroxide that act like a developer to open up the cuticle layer and deposit blue-based tones while neutralizing warm yellow hues, creating a fresh, clean basis for coloring your hair white, silver, or platinum.

Charles Worthington Ultra-Violent Toning Drops

Improve blonde hair while banishing brassy yellow tones with this high-performance toner! Created with concentrated toning pigments, radish root extract, and fruit extract, this sulfate-free formula is easy to mix, safe for color-treated locks, and will leave your blonde locks brighter and whiter than before!

Shake well before use and apply the Charles Worthington ColourPlex Toning Violet Conditioner. Focus your application on sections that need it the most before rinsing well afterward for best results. Repeat if necessary or as desired. For optimal results, always follow with Charles Worthington ColourPlex Toning Violet Conditioner.

Charles Worthington greatly emphasizes hair strength, so we incorporate our revolutionary Plex technology into all our products. Our violet toning drops and shampoo contain this revolutionary solution, which strengthens the core of your locks while wrapping around each strand for reduced breakage by up to 90%*, helping ensure healthy, strong locks from head to toe.