Cute Cheap Hairstyles

When the temperature drops, wearing a hat protects your hair and can also be stylish!

– Yara Shahidi and Grace Eleyae have demonstrated cute protective styles with pigtails, braids, and strategically laid baby hairs.

– These hairstyles can help you slay at work or play!

Chunky Box Braids

– Box braids are easy to maintain and perfect for women of any age and skin color combination.

– Experts advise washing them once every week to reduce tangles and minimize shedding.

– This style is ideal for special events and can be customized with light-colored dye.

– Try the bob-length version for a lighter and eye-catching look.

– Long box braids reaching the shoulders pair well with a high bun and glam accessories.

Bantu Knots

– Bantu knots add texture to any look, natural or with faux locs.

– Combine Bantu knots with braids or cornrows for a unique hairstyle.

– Create a twist-out style with Bantu knots for a fashion-forward look.

– Elevate Bantu knots with gold accents for a splash of color.

Flower Braids

– Stand out at your next party with a charming flower braid hairstyle.

– Achieve this look by parting your hair, braiding, and adding flowers.

– Perfect for festivals, weddings, and other events.

– Pair with formal dresses or casual tops for a gorgeous look.

Flower Crown

– Flower crowns add an eye-catching finishing touch to any ensemble.

– Create a flower crown using fresh blooms, foliage, or faux options.

– Measure your head, form a wire circle, and secure it with floral tape.

– Add vibrant foliage and flowers to your crown.

– Attach flowers using wire and floral tape, and extend their longevity with floral preservatives.

– Finish your look with glitter, beads, or brooches.

In-between Hairstyle

– Try stylish in-between hairstyles when growing out your locks or dealing with uneven strands.

– Create a side braid or twist secured with a bobby pin for a chic and flirtatious look.