How to Choose the Best Hair Ties

No matter the name you give them – hair ties, scrunchies, elastics, or bobbles – they play an indispensable role in our daily lives.


Scrunchies, elastics, ponytail holders or hair ties are a part of daily life for many women. However, it’s essential they do not cause damage to strands with their tight gripping action. Such damage could result in breakage, frizz, and thinned-out ends. Find a hair tie made of thicker material for those with thick or curly locks to help prevent their locks from stretching out and breaking easily. This will keep the strands healthy and glossy. Coiled ties are designed to offer 10 times greater hold than regular hair bands. Their unique design disperses pressure over a larger surface area, reducing painful ponytail bumps and headaches caused by traditional bands.


A good hair tie should be flexible enough to move with your strands without breaking or leaving an indentation when removed. This is particularly important for people with finer locks who require something gentle yet firm enough to hold it in place. Choose hair ties made of microfiber, elastic, or any lightly textured fabric to avoid potential hair damage. Silicone coated ties feature supergrippy material, preventing them from pulling or pinching your hair. They are stretchier than standard hairbands, enabling them to hold onto your hair longer. These ties are available in packs of 5, 10, 15, or 20 for optimal holding power and can be snapped together to form custom fits.


No matter the texture of your locks, there’s an elastic that will suit you without doing damage. The best ones feature non-snagging coating to avoid snagging delicate strands and are easy to clean. They are also more gentle than scrunchies for helping prevent breakage. Choose hair ties with smooth coatings to minimize friction and snags. Satin or silk finishes are particularly beneficial in protecting fragile locks from being pulled through. Use them for low ponytails, buns, braids, and half-knots. An ethical alternative is an Ahimsa silk hair tie, which won’t cause breakage or pulls to your locks and keeps them soft and healthy-looking. These stylish accessories make a wonderful statement about supporting sustainable fashion and beauty products while looking beautiful on the wrist as an everyday piece.


The best hair ties are designed to last, resist breaking, and not snag or pull on your scalp or hair. They are made with fabric designed to reduce friction. An elastic band works for thin locks, while fabric-covered scrunchies are more suitable for thicker locks. These scrunchies are available in a range of colors and won’t snag or break your locks. Strong hair ties provide 10 times the grip of standard elastic bands and won’t snap even after being looped three times. They are an excellent option for demanding sports or workouts. Their silicone grip won’t pull or damage hair, and they can be easily used on curly or wavy locks. These machine-washable and reusable pieces can even restore their elasticity by being submerged into warm water for 15 seconds. Plus, they come in trendy colors.