Top 5 Over 50 Women Haircuts

Age 50 marks an opportunity for change – an opportunity to reinvent yourself with a classic pixie haircut or an ingenious bob style that suits you better than ever.

Ask your stylist for long, undetectable layers to add texture and boost volume in your locks, then pair them with side bangs for a youthful and flattering appearance.

Sleek Bob

The classic bob is one of the timeless women’s haircuts that suits every face shape. Achieve this timeless style by getting a chin-length cut featuring shorter layers in the back and longer pieces at the front for volume and balance, plus straighten it for an ultra-sleek finish or add light waves for more texture.

Curly hair types will find that a layered, angled bob is particularly flattering; it hides wide cheeks and foreheads while creating depth to their facial structure. Spray it with texturizing spray to keep it looking its best without frizziness!

If you’re searching for an eye-catching short hairstyle, why not try this stacked angled lavender bob? Muted tones like gray and lavender are becoming increasingly fashionable; pair this style with sleek cuts for maximum effect!

Feathered Cut

Feathered haircuts make the hair appear thicker while appealingly framing the face, as well as working for all lengths. This shoulder-length feathered cut is an example of modern style, which can easily be worn multiple ways and shows outward feathering to add a soft texture that complements smooth bangs perfectly.

The layered feather haircut can make an impactful and romantic statement at any formal or casual event. Perfect for medium hair length, this face-framing style requires minimal upkeep.

Feathered haircuts may seem like something from another decade, but they’re back in fashion! Feathered cuts offer women who wish to add volume without cutting too much hair an ideal way to achieve volume without losing too much importance in their locks.

Classic Pixie

A classic pixie cut featuring long wispy side bangs draws the eye while providing a feminine yet edgy style to any ‘do. This cut works exceptionally well on fine hair that lacks volume and can be enhanced further with layers, undercuts, and darker roots to give extra lift to this look.

Jada Pinkett Smith looks breathtaking in her golden pixie, which beautifully enhances her bronze skin tone. She kept longer top strands to create more volume and balance her look.

Ask your stylist to keep shorter strands close to your head for an angular and structured pixie to achieve a bold silhouette. Additionally, use a texturizing spray or molding gel like Shu Uemura Texture Wave or Loreal Professionnel Architexture Paste as needed to look more definition and structured – these products can help bring out its best qualities!

Layered Pixie

A layered pixie haircut can be ideal for women seeking to project an older and more mature image. This cut features shorter layers in front for a face framing effect while leaving the rest of your locks longer than chin length. Wavy locks can benefit significantly from this style as the waves add volume and create an eye-catching silhouette that enhances their overall look.

By styling products, you can use these layers to rough up or smooth them down to achieve different styles. A curling wand is an excellent way of creating a punk cut that exudes femininity while remaining calm, while the feathering technique will create fullness in thin locks and help achieve the ideal pixie cut look.

Slanted Bob

A variation of the classic bob, this haircut is ideal for business professionals seeking an elevated yet flattering appearance. Ask your stylist to cut one side shorter than the other for an asymmetrical style that adds drama while drawing focus to beautiful eyes.

Stacked bobs are ideal for showing off vibrant hues like the pale metal blue shown here and creating an effortless and feminine style that’s easy to maintain. This model’s hair features a curly and straight style; both look stunning when worn this way!

This angled inverted bob is ideal for busy women who can’t commit to high-maintenance styles with layers. The straightforward cut keeps your face looking open and fresh without needing regular styling or trims and creates a no-nonsense look appropriate for most workplaces.