What’s the Best hair Color For Me?

Changing your hair color can be daunting, so choosing the right shade is important. Understanding your natural skin tone is essential in finding the ideal color that complements you. Here are some expert tips to help you pick the perfect hue.

Light Blonde

Light blonde shades are trendy, but it’s crucial to consult a professional colorist for guidance. Alternatively, you can do a vein check on the inside of your wrist to determine your undertones. Green or blue veins indicate cooler tones, while pink or yellow hues suggest warmer skin tones. Demi-permanent dye jobs are great for beginners or those seeking non-permanent color.

We recommend trying an ammonia-free and PPD/resorcinol-free demi-permanent formula with shea butter for healthy strands. This hydrating color contains antioxidants and vitamin E for lasting, vibrant hues, making it suitable even for gray hair.

Dark Blonde

If you’re a brunette wanting a change, consider a dark blonde hue inspired by mushroom brown hair trends. This shade features ashy tones that pair beautifully with light brown highlights for a stunning combination. A dark blonde balayage blended with your natural hue can give you the desired beachy style.

For a bold look, try wavy balayage on dark blonde hair. You can combine it with subtle black streaks to create a trendy effect and cover any dark roots as your color grows.

Neutral Highlights

If you’re hesitant about completely bleaching your hair, opt for subtle highlights. Sun-kissed highlights created by stylists like Matrix celebrity George Papanikolas can give you a natural-looking transformation. Brunettes can explore the “bronde” trend, which offers a balanced mix of warm and cool tones that suit any skin tone.

To achieve the perfect “bronde” tone, the balayage technique is recommended for soft, natural-looking results. It works particularly well if you already have platinum or light blonde locks, but desire added warmth without going too dark.


Red hair is fiery and attention-grabbing, symbolizing radiance. It looks great on almost all skin tones. For a natural look, go for a light ginger shade, which complements fair complexions and blue or green eyes. If you want a bolder look, consider a dark scarlet red that works well on tan to dark skin tones. Remember that the red fades quickly, so regular touch-ups are necessary to maintain its vibrancy.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take the red trend further with gradient stripes for a face-framing effect. Consult closely with a stylist, considering your hair texture and base color for the best results. Using high-quality shampoo and conditioner products will help preserve the vibrancy of your paint over time.