2020 Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles add depth and dimension to any look – whether your locks are short, medium length, or long! Here are a few stunning layered styles you may like to try this year.

Flick Out Layers

Give Sarah Hyland’s retro flicked-out layers trend a try for an ultra-flattering style that adds volume. Pair this layered haircut with barely there curls for an eye-catching glam-girl look.

Pixie Cuts

Nothing beats the messy pixie if you want to add volume to your short hairstyle. Easy to style and versatile enough for most fringe styles, an unclean spirit is also great if you need something quickly for an important event or celebration – use texturizing spray or pomade for volume in a pinch!

This icy blonde pixie has some punk influences with its shaved sides and side bangs, yet maintains its femininity thanks to subtle front layers which soften Michele’s face while framing her forehead to create an eye-catching asymmetry that showcases Michele’s naturally feminine charm.

This fairy is another striking example of how color can completely transform your haircut’s appearance. Here, the white hue accentuates the contrast between its long top and shorter sides and emphasizes layer texture for an eye-catching effect.

Short Layers

Layers can be extended short to add movement and texture to a haircut. Add face-framing layers for an updated and modern feel if you have short hair. Try something playful like this layered pixie cut with eyebrow-grazing bangs featuring face-framing layers to frame your face beautifully and create a stunning silhouette – try pairing this look with soft blush pink or cool blonde hues to draw attention to your beautiful features!

If you have collarbone-length, wavy hair, consider choosing face-framing layers in medium length to enhance your complexion and frame your eyes. This look is great for women looking for low-maintenance style options; pair this style with warm balayage or ombre highlights to bring life to your wavy locks.

Try experimenting with short-length bobs with asymmetrical layers to add dimension and drama. Experiment with different tones and colors until you discover your signature look, such as this burgundy pixie.

Medium Layers

If your hair needs extra bounce or is naturally curly but needs some shape, consider asking your stylist for a medium-length layered haircut. This beautiful style works well across age groups and textures alike – try opting for one featuring face-framing layers and curls directed away from the face; at the same time, asymmetrical bangs add dimension and character.

Another great look is a shoulder-grazing shag that pairs beautifully with straight or curly locks. Finish it off with a light mist of volumizing hair spray for an effortlessly chic style that requires little maintenance.

Long Layers

Long layers are an exquisite option for longer locks, offering shape and volume. Wavy hair types will find these layers incredibly flattering as it helps their curls look more defined and structured. Incorporating highlights can add lightness and airiness – especially blonde or honey tones for brunette locks!

Medium-length shags with side parts can frame the face perfectly and are an excellent way to add texture to any hairstyle. They work for any age group, as this style can be curly or straight.

Ask your stylist for a layered bob with soft side bangs for added texture and versatility. This style looks effortless while complementing all facial shapes; perfect for anyone who wears their hair up often or likes switching up their look now and then!