Wahl Makes the Best Hair Buzzer

With its ergonomic, half-pound body and precise stainless steel blades, this affordable clipper makes an excellent choice for casual home haircuts. Additionally, there are 16 guard attachments and a Lithium-Ion battery, which can be recharged while in use.

Howard says barbers often keep Wahl’s Magic Clip in their workstations due to its outstanding performance and comforting feel.

Best Budget Clipper

Home haircutting needs can only get a little more straightforward with this budget-friendly clipper from a brand trusted by professional barbers. Equipped with a powerful motor and blades that move at high speed for a clean cut, plus an up to 120-minute lithium-ion battery runtime and quick charging time – perfect for accommodating various hair types! – This model won’t let you down.

Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo finds this versatile clipper ideal for trimming her fiance’s head and facial hair, especially the more precise lever for blending, which she has become adept at using over time. Additionally, its LED display clearly shows battery level, so she never gets caught off guard when the battery runs low – ideal for first-time barbers and anyone wanting to reduce costs without forgoing features or quality. With such great value features at such an economical price point.

Limural offers an affordable solution if you’re on a tight budget: their clipper offers powerful yet lightweight performance to handle any hair length, featuring eight attachments to accommodate most styles and a powerful motor with a rotary blade system designed to be more durable than traditional electric clippers. In addition, its blades self-sharpen for clean cuts every time. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come equipped with its charging cable – though its cord length allows it to continue being used while charging.

Best Professional Clipper

Barbers use various clippers, but one Wahl option can be found everywhere they workstations. Julien Howard calls it a staple for him and his colleagues to keep in their kits and recommend to newcomers. This professional clipper was made for head hair with its curved stainless-steel blade designed to follow the shape of one’s head; additional attachments like comb attachments and 16 guard length options make this versatile enough to handle fades to taper haircuts and any general buzz cuts.

Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo praises its ergonomic design, a precise lever for fading and blending, cordless operation, and long battery life; its only drawback is that it can run hot and feel heavy at times.

Best Cordless Clipper

If you need an all-purpose cordless clipper, the Wahl Magic Clip may be just what you’re searching for. With an ergonomic design and sharp stainless steel blades capable of anything from quick buzzes to fades, plus attachment combs and blade oil to make this product super flexible, its lithium battery holds its charge for up to two hours for convenience when not used directly from an outlet!

Curly or oily hair requires a clipper with an efficient motor; Andis’ trimmer offers one of the finest, making it easy for even novice barbers to maneuver. Unfortunately, its higher price may put off some users, but its quality makes up for any potential downsides.

This clipper is a top choice among barbers and with good reason. Its durability, lightweight nature, and ability to manage thick beards make it the ideal tool. Furthermore, its taper lever makes adjusting length easy, while its variety of combs and clips cover any possible distance imaginable.

Oster’s Oster Clipper features a blade with a unique curved shape for more precise cutting performance than many other kinds. This allows it to more closely adhere to the contour of your head for easier fades. Plus, its powerful yet light motor makes for quiet and stress-free use at home!

This combo kit will become your new go-to tool if you are an often-buzzed guy or parent of a little one with short to mid-length hair. Equipped with everything needed to keep sharp to mid-length locks looking neat and fresh – including color-coded combs and guards to provide each family member their style – and waterproof, making it the ideal companion for face-splashing novices and shower shaver beginners; plus, it even comes complete with its carrying case so it can easily take it into the barbershop for touch-ups!

Best Long-Lasting Clipper

Wahl’s barber-recommended hair clipper offers the closest experience of salon models without being heavy and chunky, cordless as well as plug-in use options with its digital display showing how much charge remains and quieter than any of our tested options, according to Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo who said that she “got better with each use.” It comes complete with eight attachment combs for different cutting lengths, blade oil that keeps stainless steel blades sharp, and its own case that protects it against damage.

At only $205, this no-frills clipper offers incredible value compared to most of our list’s options. Though it only has nine length settings ranging from 3-24mm, its no-nonsense buzz cut capabilities should make this ideal. Plus, its easy cleanup makes for hassle-free use while remaining plugged in!

Wahl’s clippers are known for their quality and durability, making them an excellent choice for users who regularly cut their hair. Equipped with turbo-boosted self-sharpening blades that stay cool, the Wahl Turbo Pro Self Sharpening Clipper should provide reliable cutting performance if used regularly. Unfortunately, it does not come equipped with tapering or fading capabilities and only comes equipped with three guards (though additional can be purchased separately). As with all Wahl clippers, it should also be regularly cleaned to prevent build-up that causes dulled or rusted blades over time.