The Popular 90s Male Haircut

The 90s male haircut had many variations. There were chin length hairstyles that were popular, as shown by Will Friedle. Chin length hairstyles were short and stubby, resembling noodles, and they were popular among whites. The popular television show 90210 featured a character named Steve who sported a chin length haircut for a while. While there were many variations of the 90s haircut, we have a few that were particularly popular.

Tram lines


A popular male 90s haircut is the Tram Lines. This style is very popular and involves drawing thin lines in the middle of the hair. It is similar to a hair tattoo and was popular among both boys and girls. To create this look, part your hair in the middle and comb out the middle section. Apply black or brown gel along the lines to secure them into place and style as you please. Blow-dry your hair regularly to remove any excess hair.


A man with long, wavy hair may opt to get cornrows. The process is easy, requires very little maintenance, and can be very stylish if done right. The best way to wear it is to contrast the tramline with a contrasting mane. Alternatively, you can try the Kriss Kross look, which features long spikes in the top. The ’90s male haircut style was popular with celebrities such as George Clooney. It looks best on men with long hair and is also easy to maintain. You can use hair wax or pomade and comb the hair to keep the style from falling out.

Flat top afro


The flat top is one of the most popular 90s male haircuts. It is very manly with a high top and tapered sides, and it’s very popular among guys with kinky curls. The shape of this hairstyle is similar to a box and is also often paired with a fade. This style is extremely versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions, including special occasions.


The flat top is also popular in black men. It is easy to style. You can use the straightening iron to achieve an amazing finish, and you can even style the hair with a hair gel or foam for a wet look. To make the hair look more like a match man, you can use some hair gel or foam to create a wet texture. Another cool way to pull this look off is to add a few blonde highlights.



A 90s haircut male heartthrob had wavy, messy hair that was cut into a bob. This hairstyle gave men the beachy California look they craved. It’s low maintenance, which is perfect for the modern male. The sides can be short, and the top longer. Here are some tips to get this trendy look. This male heartthrob hairstyle has become a popular choice for guys who are looking for a low-maintenance look.


The heartthrob hairstyle is a variation on a bowl haircut. Unlike a curtain, a heartthrob hairstyle is parted on the side, and the longer pieces on the front hang into the eyes. Stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, and Matt LeBlanc all sported this style. A chin-length bob will work best for this look.

Frosted tips


The frosted tips of a 90s male haircut are a great way to achieve a Guy Fieri look with an extra-modern twist. The frosted hairstyle doesn’t have to be white-blonde, and it can suit all hair textures. You can get a great frosted hairstyle by highlighting more than just the tips. Highlighting can be done at home, or at the barbershop.


The male haircut with frosted tips was one of the most popular trends of the Nineties. Men wore this sweet style by dying the ends of their hair a lighter shade than their rest of hair. After this, they would use copious amounts of hair gel to spike their hair. The style remained popular for many years, and was worn by stars and celebrities from the music industry to elementary school boys. It was very popular and was worn by Kurt Cobain, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and many others.