The Most Popular 90s Male Haircut

The Mullet

The Mullet was famous during the 90s, known for being “business in front and party in the back.” An excellent choice for boy bands and skateboarders alike, to achieve this look, you will require either hair pomade or gel with spike-forming capabilities to achieve spiked locks.

Flat Top

A flat top cut was one of the most iconic ’90s hairstyles for men. This popular look involves shaving both sides and back of the head while leaving the front hair long, making this style popular among young boys looking for stylish hairdos.


Mullets were an enduring trend in the 90s for men’s hairstyles. Characterized by shorter frontal and longer rear locks, this Haircut rose to fame thanks to the Beastie Boys and their hit song “Mullet Head.”

Frosted Tips and Middle Parts

Popular hairstyles of the 1990s for men included frosted tips and middle parts, both easily achieved if you have straight hair with gel or hair spray as additional support.

Chin Length Haircut

A chin-length bob is ideal for men looking to emphasize their facial structure. Style it wavy with fringe for an effortlessly stylish It-Girl aesthetic or sleek and straight for more professional occasions.

Frosted Tips

Frosted tips are an instantly recognizable 90s hairstyle that is timeless in their versatility and easy to maintain with just a hair dryer, comb, and some pomade or wax.

Curtained Haircut

The curtained Haircut became increasingly fashionable among celebrities in the ’90s. This elegant hairstyle features an even, center parting and can be enhanced further with fades or taper fades for maximum impact. This chin-length hairstyle flatters most face shapes.

Shaggy Haircut

In the 1990s, curtained hairstyles became a fashion trend that many experimented with their looks. Easy to maintain and stunning on men with both long and short locks, the curtained style gave male rock stars an iconic rock ‘n’ roll vibe while its heavy layers around the crown and face added lots of texture; this style worked great on most hair textures; though too many layers may make the hair appear thin.

Flipped Ends

Men’s hairstyles that featured flipped ends were popular during the 90s. A hallmark of grunge culture, this look became even more beloved after the Beastie Boys immortalized it with their song “Mullet Head.” This men’s Haircut involves shaving the side and front hair while leaving the top hair long, making this ideal for those with naturally textured locks looking to show off their curls.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair was also famous during the 90s, wildly when styled with frosted tips. This look can easily be achieved using hair gel and worn by both long- and short-haired men alike; for an added dramatic flair, you could add blonde highlights for added flare!

Blonde Highlights

Frosted tips were popular during the 90s. This style, popularized by Lance Bass of NSYNC, can also work well for guys with long hair. Combine it with a spiky haircut for maximum effect.

Bowl Cut

Longhaired men in the 1990s often sported this style, sporting spiky or frosted tips. Lance Bass of NSYNC and Steve from Beverly Hills 90210 both famously donned this Haircut.

Long Strands with Blonde Highlights

This Haircut features long strands that trail in front of your face for an unstructured and carefree appearance, and you can add blonde highlights for added style and dimension. This classic hairstyle can be worn with or without a fade and works particularly well on straight locks; however, wavy locks may also benefit.


Men looking for a more masculine look should consider the mohawk hairstyle. Featuring a strip of hair in the middle and adjustable sides, this classic men’s hairstyle offers an instant masculine edge while being easy to maintain. Perfect for creating a swagger-inspired look while easy to maintain!

Spiky Hairstyles

Spiky hairstyles were also highly fashionable during this era, often combined with frosted tips to give young men who wanted to showcase their rockstar style an opportunity.

Curtain Hairstyles

Curtain hairstyles were another trendy 90s trend—these featured chin-length straight hair that was pulled back, popular among celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio.