Best Facial Hair Styles For Men

Men have numerous options when it comes to choosing their facial hair style. From full beards like Hugh Jackman to mutton chops, several factors must be considered before growing out your whiskers.


The stubble beard is an iconic style that suits almost all face shapes and requires low maintenance. Men with round faces should opt for styles that minimize thick chin hair, such as shorter beard styles on the cheeks and longer at the chin, for a more chiseled look. Consider a faded goatee or Van Dyke style with stubble. Use a trimmer with adjustable length settings to achieve this beard style.


Mustaches, also spelled mustaches, are small patches of hair on the upper lip that extend beyond it, distinguishing them from facial hair below the chin. Mustaches have been symbolic of customs, religious beliefs, and personal preferences. They are considered a sign of masculinity and were popularized during Victorian Britain as a symbol of freedom from work environments.


Men who sport beards often feel more confident and masculine. However, an unkempt beard can lead to itchiness and a messy appearance. Regularly wash and trim a healthy beard, and use beard oil or balm to maintain a healthy beard. This will prevent itching, stimulate hair growth, and reduce the risk of ingrown hair and razor bumps. This is especially important for men with sensitive skin.


The Garibaldi beard style is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an internationally renowned figure from the nineteenth century known for his campaigns for South American independence and the liberation of Rome from papal control. Garibaldi beards require regular grooming and cleaning to attract female garibaldis who lay thousands of eggs.

Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard style, named after the 17th-century painter Anthony Van Dyck, combines a chin puff with a mustache, often a handlebar mustache. It adds an elegant and distinguished air and suits specific face shapes, especially with a touch of gray in the hair. Notable wearers include John Hurt during his portrayal of the War Doctor on Doctor Who and Dick Van Dyke in Bye Bye Birdie and Mary Poppins.


Goatees are a hassle-free option for men who want to add facial hair without going overboard. They have a classic aesthetic and are suitable for almost everyone. Use high-quality beard oil or balm to protect the skin and prevent irritation or itchiness. Soul patches, which are smaller patches of hair below the lips, are a fashionable variation of goatees popularized by celebrities like Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter.