Top 5 Men’s Haircuts for Thin Hair

Men with thin hair can still rock a variety of stylish haircuts. To do so, select one that works with your natural texture and highlights facial hair while using lightweight styling products that won’t weigh down their locks.

An ideal haircut can make your hair appear fuller and thicker, such as:

Fade with Side Part Flip: A stylish and adaptable style that works perfectly with a beard. This haircut creates the illusion of fuller hair.

Textured Side Part: A timeless and classic haircut that can be styled in various ways to fit your preferences. Use dry shampoo and hair products to add height and texture to the side part.

Spiky Edges: This chic yet casual style features a subtle fade and side brush for added dimension. Thin hair with a natural spiky texture is an excellent base for this look.

Long Waves: Longer styles like a pompadour can add volume to the hair while concealing thinning patches. This look works well for men with curl or wavy locks.

Short Coif: A blunt cut like a buzz cut can flatter thin or fine hair. It requires minimal maintenance and keeps itself clean using products like gel.


Beards can help draw focus away from thinned hair and frame the face in a masculine style. They can also help prevent acne breakouts and protect the skin from UV rays. Consider these styles if you have thin hair and want to enhance your overall look:

Consult your barber for the best haircut recommendation based on your hair type and desired style.