The Best Dark Brown Hair Color For Brunettes

Contrary to popular belief, brown hair shouldn’t be limited and dull! Instead, its many shades make for beautiful contrast and contrast that’s both rich and stunning!

Copper Brown

Copper brown is a warm hue that complements cool skin tones perfectly, perfect for long, wavy locks you want to showcase in a half fishtail braid style. This shade looks lovely on black hair, blending nicely with red highlights. Additionally, its color hides gray hairs well – making it an easy hair color choice that requires few touchups over time. Spiced copper brown highlights framed by darker roots are a fantastic way to refresh your color. This look works exceptionally well on brunettes with medium tans and looks excellent in both bobs and lobs.

Cola Brown

No matter your preferred hairstyle or shade of brown, an appropriate brunette-hue is suitable for everyone’s tastes and personality. Astonishing dark brown with wine-red undertones is great for cooler skin tones; show it off with waves or layers for an eye-catching look. Chocolate brown is an elegant dark hue that complements most eye colors while still looking sophisticated on medium-length locks. Try adding subtle golden highlights for shimmery flair; this shade also pairs well with most eye colors. Keep your locks shiny and frizz-free using color-safe shampoos and conditioners that nourish them regularly.

Redwood Brown

Brunettes looking to lighten up their locks should consider dark burgundy as a refreshing change of pace. Blending elements of brown and purple, dark burgundy is a stunning shade with deep hues. Perfect for waves or layers alike, its low maintenance needs only touchups as your roots grow. Get a beautiful glow with milk chocolate brown locks. Its warm hue suits virtually all skin tones and looks stunning on curly and straight locks. Ask your stylist to apply the shade as balayage for natural-looking hues that look glossy! Preserve healthy, shiny locks using color-safe shampoo conditioner heat protectant before styling and performing regular blue rinses to combat brassiness.

Honey Highlights

Honey highlights offer an ideal warm brown hair color that leans golden. Honey works perfectly on most complexions yet is particularly flattering for those with neutral tones and light eyes – softening dark eyes while making light one’s pop and making for an eye-catching look that flatters both pairs of eyes! Use a shoulder-length haircut and color-safe shampoos like Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter