Cool Haircuts For Kids Boys

Whether your son prefers a classic crew cut or something longer with texturized top layers, we have options that are both fashionable and school-appropriate.

Make an impactful statement with long surfer shag for an adorable look that highlights red-haired kids’ fiery locks. This style makes an excellent statement!

Short sides long top

One of the best hairstyles for boys with wavy or curly locks is to keep it long on top and short at the sides, creating an eye-catching style your little boy will be excited to show off! For added dapperness use a fine comb and medium hold gel for styling this dapper style.

Ivy League haircut

An Ivy League haircut featuring low skin fades on both sides creates an eye-catching contrast that emphasizes the length of the top. Perfect for any special event or formal gathering, this easy-care hairstyle works beautifully without needing pomade.

Faux hawk with shaved fade

Those kids with more aggressive personalities may enjoy sporting a faux hawk with a bold shaved fade for maximum impact. Though this style requires extra product to maintain its distinctive look, its eye-catching effect more than makes up for any additional effort required in terms of hairspray!

Spiky fringe

Kids boys can sport stylish haircuts featuring bold fringes. This look features short sides with longer locks on top that can be styled slick back or with a quiff, providing great balance to fullness on top and adding dimension. A spiky fringe pairs well with low taper fades or hard parts for a more sophisticated finish.

Ivy League haircut

Ivy League haircuts for boys offer another unique style option that requires minimal upkeep: this structured cut entails clipping hair close to the scalp while leaving shorter pieces around the sides and back for an aesthetically trimmed appearance. Finally, on top, pomade is used for an aesthetically polished finish.

Dapper haircut

This dapper haircut for boys is an attractive choice that suits a range of hair lengths and textures, being low maintenance. Perfect for school-age boys as it looks sharp while remaining masculine in appearance.

Long side-swept bangs

Long side-swept bangs can help boys look stylish and cool. This timeless look works on all types of hair and can easily be styled using gel or wax to add texture and volume. Long bangs may also be an ideal solution for curly or wavy locks that tend to retain a lot of volume that would be difficult to manage with shorter haircuts.

Fade with hard part

The fade with hard part is another popular kids’ haircut that can easily be styled using hair gel or wax. This hairstyle creates a sharp, clean line, giving any young boy an expert and sophisticated appearance while adding some drama and making him stand out in his peer group.

Clean and well-kempt haircut

This style provides the ideal compromise between long hair and buzzcut, looking very clean and well-kempt at school.

Side parted quiff fade

For kids looking for a dapper style, the side-parted quiff fade haircut can be an attractive solution. Requiring minimal maintenance, this stylish haircut suits boys with either straight or wavy locks alike. Simply ask your barber to cut your boy’s sides and back short while leaving longer length on top; use natural hair gel as desired to add texture on top for added style!

Cool spikes with long locks

This hairstyle is ideal for boys with long locks as it allows them to create cool spikes atop their haircut. Furthermore, this look frames their eyes beautifully while adding volume and dimension.

Mohawk fade

If your son enjoys making a statement, consider giving him a mohawk fade with different length top and side sections. This style will highlight his bold character while providing him with an updated casual look. Adding a high fade will further make this haircut stand out.