Cool Haircuts For Kids Boys

Cute haircuts for boys allow them to express their styles. From classic looks like short locks and thick curly locks to trendy styles with short or longer locks and even curlier locks – cool haircuts will let your son express himself while standing out from the crowd.

Faux Hawk and Skin Fade

An elegant combination of faux hawk and skin fade is an eye-catching style for boys who wish to make an impression. This style works exceptionally well when the hair can be spiked up using gel.

Mohawk with a Skin Fade

Mohawks with skin fade are an in-vogue look that works well with various hair textures and styles, giving them a distinct appearance that makes your boy stand out. Furthermore, this look pairs nicely with high fades to create an eye-catching style around the head and temples.

Caesar Cut

This haircut conveys youthfulness like few others can, making it the ideal style choice for boys looking to impress at school or on the field. A Caesar cut can be styled slick back for a sleek appearance or left messy for added texture and flair.

Quiff Fade

This cool boy’s haircut with a quiff fade is ideal for anyone wanting to exude rocker flair. Easy to maintain, this haircut complements many different face shapes.

Ivy League Haircut with a Fringe

An Ivy League haircut with a fringe is an attractive yet low-maintenance choice for children. The short top provides them with a trendy modern aesthetic while its tapered sides and back perfectly complement their hair texture. This boy’s haircut can easily be styled using mousse or strong hold gel, making this style especially great for thick textured locks.


A subtle pompadour can be an ideal option for kids looking to stand out without breaking school regulations. With proper styling, this style can also complement almost any look in their lookbook.

Long Wavy hair with a Middle Part

Long wavy hair for boys can make any child stand out in any crowd. To achieve the look, visit your barber for a high skin fade or short undercut and spike up the top; using strong hair products will ensure this look lasts all day long. Kids with textured hair may enjoy trying a faux hawk style, which resembles the mohawk but creates less contrast between the back and top layers of their locks. It makes an eye-catching statement piece and pairs well with the middle partings.

Shag Haircut for Red Hair

If your kid has red hair, consider giving them a longer shag haircut that will bring out their fiery locks and frame their face while highlighting their eyes. Additionally, this style is easy to maintain and works well with different lengths and textures of locks.

Caesar Cut with a Taper Fade

A Caesar cut is an easy and classic boy haircut that stands out. Perfect for boys who want to stand out, the Caesar cut suits all hair types, including curly ones. Additionally, this cut pairs well with taper fades, which keep the hair shorter around the sides and back than on top. This look is striking and eye-catching while still school-approved. It consists of medium-length hair on the top with short, close-shaven sides. Brush up quickly using matte pomade or gel.

Choppy Fringe

This haircut’s choppy fringe adds texture and draws more focus to the eyes, making a statement with every step. Additionally, this style looks fantastic on either low or high fades.

Bald Fade

A bald fade haircut for kids is an eye-catching style that exposes their skin while providing an edgy, trendy appearance. This hairstyle can be styled spiky, straight, or wavy; additional shine can be added with pomade.


A popular boys’ haircut, the pompadour can be styled in both slicked-back or spiky styles. Featuring short sides with longer locks on top that can be styled using strong products to slick back your locks, the pompadour has long been one of the go-to hairdos for boys.

Hard Part

A hard part is a style in which a line is shaved into the hair to create a clean and bold appearance. This haircut works well when coupled with a high fade for boys looking for a sophisticated and refined appearance.