Best Blonde Hair Colors

Select a shade that complements your complexion if you want to go blonde. Cool-toned blondes work best on lighter complexions, while warm honey tones work great with medium or dark faces. Highlights and lowlights are an effective way to add depth to a monotone blonde hue. Highlights bring light into your mane and create subtle, sun-kissed shine; lowlights add dimension with darker tones that provide contrast against your blonde hue.

Golden blonde is a timeless color choice for women of all ages and complexions, with a warm yet non-brassy tone that compliments most complexions well. Reese Witherspoon and Miley Cyrus are just two celebrities who boast this stunning shade of blonde hair color. Reese and Miley use buttery and honey tones in their locks for fair skin tones, complementing well-balanced highlights. Garnier Olia shade 8.31 can help you achieve this beautiful blonde hue, by combining blonde tones and brown shades for natural-looking coverage of 100% gray hairs.

Named for Brigitte Bardot’s iconic look, “BB blonde” is an irresistibly charming soft reddish-blonde shade. Perfect for fair complexions and all eye colors alike, BB blonde makes for one of the best blonde hair colors for fair complexions. For healthy and radiant baby blonde locks, utilize a heat protectant such as L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray Leave-In as a heat shield against high temperatures. And make sure you get regular touch-ups to prevent awkward roots or gray hairs from emerging; for added peace of mind when going so light, try a semi-permanent dye that lasts up to 28 washes and fades gradually over time.

This warm blonde shade complements hazel or baby blue eyes and those displaying gray, green, and blue dots in their dark-eyed ladies. If your skin tone is neutral, try opting for an ashy or icy facet of honey blonde for a cool, pale look. These colors suit olive complexions with light eye colors. Brunettes should ask their stylist to apply a golden brown-to-honey blonde balayage on their natural roots for an effective way to add cool tones without over-processing their hair and with reduced maintenance needs than platinum or ice blonde techniques.

Silver-blonde is an ideal shade to blend sweetness with sophistication. It works best on women with light to medium skin tones; however, it may even flatter those with warmer complexions when combined with highlights. It may require multiple bleaching sessions and toning appointments at the salon to achieve a calm tone, making using safe hair color products on strands essential. Shampoo and conditioner with strengthening ingredients can assist you in keeping your locks healthy during this process.

This natural-looking blonde shade is the most universally flattering look. Combining warm tones with golden highlights for added lightness, it’s also popular among ladies with darker complexions – beloved by popstar Shakira and Hollywood legend Charlize Theron, among others! Champagne blonde offers a light hint of pearl that makes pale skin glow with glory, according to Aloxxi’s Wall Innella. Its buttery hue has a natural sheen, making it ideal for first-time blondes. Copper highlights can enhance its hue even further for an eye-catching apricot hue.

Platinum blonde is a cool-toned white shade resembling silver that creates an eye-catching effect, perfect for anyone with pearly skin tones, and requires consistent maintenance as it shows natural roots quickly. Professional assistance should always be sought to avoid damage or bleach burns. A balayage technique can produce an alluring natural look, gradually transitioning from dark to light blonde as the hair grows and fades over time. Chrissy Teigen looks radiant wearing this gorgeous shade that recalls the splendor of an unforgettable sunset.

This luxurious flaxen blonde shade is one of the warmest blonde hues. It pairs beautifully with medium complexions and eye colors, and you can add subtle “dirt” highlights for extra beauty. Silver-blonde is an elegant shade popular among social media influencers and fashion superstars. It combines blue pigments into its shade for an eye-catching effect that turns heads. White blonde is ideal for those with cool skin tones and pale complexions; however, regular touch-ups may be necessary to maintain its immaculate look. Another popular option among celebrities and runway models alike is platinum blonde with its subtle ash tint.