Best Mens Haircuts 2019

Men’s hairstyles have become increasingly edgy and texturized in recent years. There are plenty of options if you prefer natural curls or classic undercut styles with quiff or comb-over features for a sophisticated look.

Buzz Cut Lineup

This eye-catching men’s haircut is perfect for guys with wavy hair. The cut makes the hair appear fuller than with traditional buzz cuts, which is excellent if you have a widow’s peak or experiencing hair thinning on top. You can further personalize this look by choosing from various fade or lineup styles.

Comb Over Fade

Comb-over fades are one of the most versatile haircuts a barber can create. Paired with a side part, this style looks great for casual and professional events. Ideal for men with wavy hair, the comb-over adds volume, while the fade flatters your facial structure. Styling this haircut for work with just a bit of hair gel or pomade is simple!


Curly hair has made a comeback! From classic pompadours to more contemporary scissor cuts, curly locks are back in style. Consider dying your curly hair for added flair and edge. The latest trend for men is longer hair with short sides and an undefined side part. This versatile style works with either high skin fades or low taper haircuts and features a disconnected side part. For added control and texture, use a dry finish styling mousse.


The quiff haircut is an irresistibly dapper style that ensures your appearance remains office appropriate even under strict rules and regulations. Its military-inspired appearance comes from its classic tapered sides and high top, adding an air of sophistication. Wear this men’s hairstyle with or without a beard for added effect. A slicked-back quiff looks sleek and put-together when completed with some pomade.

Flat Top

The classic flat-top haircut offers a timeless style perfect for men with wavy or curly locks. The top is slicked back, while the sides are faded for a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Ideal for professionals or those looking for a Harvey Specter from Suits-inspired look. This style can also be seen in Ryan Reynolds’s portrayal of Deadpool. Jason Momoa epitomizes this masculine look with his rugged curls, which perfectly complement his role as DC’s Aquaman. Whether or not you wear a beard, the flat top looks fantastic. You can even add some color for extra personality!