Adding Layers to Below-the-Shoulder Hairstyles

This adorable shoulder-length hairstyle looks fabulous on all textures. This choppy bob style features soft caramel highlights that perfectly complement warm to neutral skin tones. This modern textured bob has an elegant Bohemian vibe and makes an attractive statement at most formal or casual events. Keep some dry texturizing spray on hand for greasy roots or pieces that feel weighted down.


Layering medium hairstyles is an elegant way to bring new life and depth to any style. Perfect for balayage and ombre hair color techniques, layers add movement to your locks for a lighter and airier feel. A layered bob can suit many facial structures, including oval ones. This style softens the sharp angles of square faces while emphasizing their jawlines – it even works well for diamond faces! Longer layers can be an ingenious solution for controlling thick, coarse hair and minimizing its bulk. This choppy bob looks impressive with its gorgeous contrast between balayage and highlights, adding dimension and soft texture, and loose, undone waves tucked behind the ears for an effortlessly chic style.


If you want a quick way to add style without going any shorter, bangs are needed. They frame your face beautifully while emphasizing the upper half of your forehead – plus, there are plenty of style options! Plus, experiment until you find what works for you. If your hair is straight, add wispy bangs to shoulder-length strands for an effortless, feminine touch. It will instantly soften up any sophisticated ensemble! If you have thick hair, try opting for long side-swept bangs with side-swept ends to draw attention away from your pointy chin and onto your upper forehead instead. They will shift focus away from their pointiness towards your upper forehead while creating a chic topknot style when worn out on special occasions. Just be sure to get them trimmed regularly, or they could start looking disorganized!


Add highlights for an instant change, and the appropriate shade depends on your skin tone. Warm tones should opt for caramel or copper hues, while cool tones can use ashy light browns or honey blondes as accents. Highlights are an ideal solution if you want to change your base color without needing weekly touch-ups; ask your stylist about peekaboo highlights that can be hidden within your hair without keeping up with full head coloring when they grow out! There are also partial and complete highlighting techniques, like balayage, which uses foils but allows your stylist to hand-paint lighter strands in different sizes and patterns for an organic, lived-in finish. To show off these delicate transitions of color transitioning beautifully, style loose, textured waves!


If your hair is thin, a cut that makes it appear thicker can create volume and lift your features. Try opting for a shoulder-length choppy bob with straight bangs for an energetic and modern aesthetic, or go for something soft like a wavy bob for a more feminine style. Thick, coarse hair looks beautiful when styled into layers for reduced bulk. A choppy bob with side-swept fringe works particularly well on round faces, while deep straight frills can accentuate cheekbones and make eyes pop! Curly hair at shoulder length looks incredibly gorgeous when styled into layers to define its shape and subtly highlight it. Note how this layered lob lets the tight coils shine, framing the face beautifully while avoiding any triangle effect often associated with curly shoulder-length hairstyles.

Side Part

Since 2007, the Side Part has seen a resurgence. It is a timeless classic that suits casual and formal events alike and requires minimal upkeep – plus most hair types! Oval face shapes work exceptionally well with a side part, adding balance and highlighting the cheekbones. However, diamond and heart-shaped faces should avoid this styling option as their jawlines could appear too narrow or wide. For an updated take on the side part, try this sleek style featuring half-slicked back hair and half in a loose textured wave. Perfect for any event and hair types, including thin ones. To achieve it yourself, start with damp hair and apply your preferred styling product for optimal results.