5 Braiding Hairstyles With Real Hair

No matter the length of your hair, braids offer an effective protective style to lock in moisture and promote natural hair growth. For an elegantly feminine look, try milkmaid braids or lace braids. Be bold by customizing them further by incorporating cuffs or beads. Ask your stylist to create intricate designs or faux hawks using your braids!

Senegalese twists

Senegalese twists are an excellent protective hairstyle for natural locks that can last up to 16 weeks with proper care and installation. They can be achieved using braid hair extensions or your natural locks; braid extensions should ideally use smooth synthetic textures such as Kanekalon, while more natural-looking ones such as Marley’s hair would work best as extensions. To install Senegalese twists using natural locks, use a rat tail comb out a large section before applying hydrating scalp oil and edge control products.

Senegalese twists make you look attractive no matter which style you opt for: ponytail, bun, or half-up style are all beautiful ways to wear Senegalese twists. Add beads or charms for a fun touch, or opt for ombre Senegalese twists with thicker roots and thinner ends, which frame your face beautifully while lengthening your neckline.

Nubian twists

Nubian twists are an eye-catching braid style with distinct two-strand twists that closely resemble those seen on Senegalese braids, but offer more excellent definition and neatness. Perfect for casual events or formal nights alike! Try introducing red highlights if you want to add color and vibrancy to your twisted hairstyle. Red hues work well for most complexions and can instantly amp up the appeal of any look.

This effortless style lets your twisted locks loose for a chic and feminine look! Perfect for women with limited time for haircare who still want a fashionable look without much hassle; ideal also for broad foreheads! For even more drama, create a faux hawk for more dramatic sexiness – great for date nights!

Lemonade braids

Lemonade braids have seen an enormous revival since Queen Bey’s 2016 hit album. This protective style, comprised of cornrows and side-swept cornrows combined into an attractive, low-maintenance design, offers flattering feminine looks while remaining low-maintenance, making this perfect for transitioning from daytime to nighttime looks.

Ask your stylist to weave various weave patterns for the perfect lemonade braid look. This will allow you to achieve an original style and show off your creativity while adding subtle colored extensions for flair. Lemonade braids are long cornrow styles that typically extend past the chest or waist and require only minimal upkeep, lasting four weeks with proper care. To keep them in great shape, cover them at night with silk or satin bonnets, regularly oil your braids, and avoid rough brushes that could potentially damage them.

High ponytail

To achieve this look, begin with clean and dry hair treated with heat protectant to avoid damage caused by hot styling tools or blow-drying processes. Also, make sure that any tangles have been carefully combed out. Before beginning braiding, pinch off enough extension hair that corresponds with the size and structure of the section of natural hair you will use – this will ensure that your braids will be even and uniform.

Add an elegant, feminine touch by accessorizing with a hair bow or floral crown – guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention instantly! This style will draw them in and remove all eyes on you.