How to Style Bed Head Hair

Bedhead hair refers to the naturally tousled appearance we wake up with after tossing and turning all night, although a styled bedhead can look sleek and attractive on those with thicker, coarser locks. The dapper bedhead look has become increasingly fashionable among celebrities and TikTokers alike. This style epitomizes indie sleaze, pairing perfectly with Breton-striped tops or skinny jeans.

Wet Hair

Wet hair could make them appear unmanageable or clumpy! If you suffer from bed head, using leave-in conditioner before sleeping may help your locks remain soft and manageable while protecting them from tangles and knots. Braiding or wearing a soft cap could also help.

Men with long hair can use styling products like pomade and mousse to keep their locks in check and avoid looking disorganized and messy. TIGI’s Dapper Dan Matt Paste is an excellent product, which features medium hold with a low shine for natural-looking yet seductive results. Use scrunching or curling products designed for dry hair when styling it, spray it with water to rehydrate it, or add a light coat of hairspray for long-lasting volume and to avoid an unintentional plastic look.

Brush Your Hair

Though brushing on bedhead hair may seem counter-intuitive, a quick detangle can help tame its messy appearance. Plus, brushing your strands will rehydrate and distribute oils evenly for optimal oil distribution and reduced build-up. Sleeping with wet hair is especially crucial for those with long or wavy locks, since sleeping on wet tresses will result in bed head. Furthermore, mold and mildew may collect under your pillowcase.

Wrap Your Hair in a Fabric

The messy bedhead look has quickly become a trend on Tumblr and TikTok, runways, and red carpets. The style evokes an indie sleaze vibe and pairs nicely with Breton-striped tops and skinny jeans; celebrities like Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, and Jenna Ortega have taken notice.

If your curly and brittle locks tangle and break during sleep, try wrapping them before bed with one of the many effective tiggy hair-wrapping techniques to prevent your strands from falling out, twisting, or dying. No matter how chaotic your hair looks when you first wake up, this fashionable style can still be achieved with minimal work and some hairspray. Wavy locks look especially great for this look, but straight locks also work beautifully; just be sure that any quality product doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue.

Top Knot

Fabric scrunchies offer a gentler alternative to elastic hair bands in terms of frizziness. Soft on your hair and not likely to leave marks when pulled back for bedtime use, fabric scrunchies provide the ideal way to prevent bed head.

Pull your hair into a ponytail, wrap the ends around it, and secure it with pins for a sleek finish (or use a messy bun if desired), using bobby pins to add volume at the top, as Julianne Hough does. Zoe Kravitz made this look effortless by pairing her half-shaven or braided top knot with large hoop earrings and cat-eye makeup, then finishing it off with some texturizing spray for extra grip and hold and shine-enhancing hairspray! The result? A chic yet effortless top knot!