Easy and Stylish Beach Hairstyles

Try the double Dutch braid bun if you want an effortless yet fashionable beach look. Perfect for women with long locks who wish to keep strands out of the face and away from the salty air, this style keeps strands out of harm’s way while looking stylish!

Adding a beautiful scrunchy and large straw hat can complete this beachy look, and works perfectly with any beach dress or short-length western wear.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids can give long hair a fresh, textured finish and are an effective way of updating a style with non-layered styles, often falling from the side of your head, down toward the nape of your neck or lower back.

Start by washing and sectioning off your hair into two even sections, suggesting using KLORANE Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk as an additional texture and grip enhancer. To create the classic fishtail braid, divide each section evenly. Mannino says prepping each area with dry shampoo (such as KLORANE Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk) for additional texture and grip.

Start braiding a regular fishtail by pinching thin strands from both sections and crossing them over into each other, starting on either end. Braid several inches before adding small pieces from either side to form one larger half until completed – adding TRESemme Freeze Hold Hairspray (like TRESemme’s Freeze Hold) to lock strands into place all day!

Flower Crown

Adding a flower crown to any outfit this summer – whether for solo travel, vacation, or beachy group trips – can instantly elevate any ensemble. Plus, its simple creation makes this summer trip unforgettable!

Start by collecting some essential materials, like floral tape in two colors; one to tie together flowers and another for wrapping greenery around, such as pliable twine or craft wire (sometimes known as vine wire) as you create an arrangement, in addition to scissors.

Pick out flowers that complement both your outfit and mood; Astilbe, Baby’s Breath Daisies, and Gypsophilia are popular choices, while Pro Flowers suggests filler greenery such as Ivy, Leather Fern, Snapdragon, and Myrtle for filler greenery. Once your blooms have been assembled, you can begin building your crown – leaving plenty of room between each bloom to secure it securely over its greenery base.

Bubble Ponytail

Start with a regular ponytail secured with an elastic, then add another two inches down, two inches closer than the first elastic. Gently tug each section of hair between elastics until a bubbly effect has been created; make sure all bubbles are about equal in size for an elegant appearance.

Continue this process from root to tip of your hair, tuck any loose tendrils back in, and finish off with TONI