How to Style a Special Forces Haircut

Regulation Haircut

A regulation haircut is a style that complies with military regulations. This style features short locks on the sides and back with longer locks atop, which can then be spiked up for added style variations. This haircut is ideal for men seeking a clean and professional appearance, making maintenance simple while remaining dapper with its skin fade or bald cut features.

Induction Cut

An induction cut is one of the most iconic military haircuts, commonly called the Mighty Fine. This haircut is typically the first for new army, marine, or male military recruits during boot camp training. The induction cut is a close-cropped, near-bald haircut requiring no unique styling or maintenance products. Barbers use a clipper without guards to create uniform stubble on all parts of the head. At its inception, this hairstyle was intended for hygiene reasons – to reduce lice-spreading among recruits who come from diverse geographical regions with varied immunities.

Furthermore, it served a psychological function by stripping recruits of their individuality and encouraging team mentality. Long hair can get in the way of military equipment, making operations more challenging and maneuvering and operating difficult. Therefore, the induction cut has become part of military grooming standards as an everyday necessity.

Buzz Cut with Fade

The buzz cut with fade is an excellent option for military men or anyone wanting a clean and stylish haircut. This simple style features short hair evenly shaved off using a clipper, creating an even uniform appearance. For added style, use a hair pomade or wax to slick back the top layer for extra definition. Try opting for a mid-fade for an updated twist on the military haircut. This style features a fade but starts higher than usual and is fuller in length; to achieve it successfully, you will require a number 1 clipper size clipper.

The High and Tight

The high and tight is an iconic military-inspired haircut, that stands out due to its shorter back and sides but longer top section. Perfect for men who don’t wish to grow out their locks but still desire an immaculate style.

Taper Fade

Various styles give the classic regulation cut an updated and fresh appearance, from complicated parts, fades, or taper fades – these unique cuts will help your client look more casual and modern! The taper fade is an elegant variation on a classic fade, where both sides and back have been reduced to skin level while leaving some length at the top. This style is less extreme than the hard part but still looks striking; top hair may be styled into an upswept parting using gel, pomade, or hairspray for additional style options.

Short Haircut

Burr-cut hairstyles are easy to achieve and maintain. Inspired by military cuts, the burr cut offers an effortless style perfect for everyday wear. Shave off the sides and back of your head before trimming to create an angled line from the forehead to the nape of the neck for this stylish military-inspired style – ideal whether or not worn with a beard. As well as hygiene benefits, military haircuts also aid soldiers in creating a united front. Longer hair can become an unnecessary distraction or source of confusion, while short, neat locks promote discipline and professionalism in close-quarters environments. From high and tight recons to buzz cuts or flat tops – military haircuts help soldiers present an elegant appearance while remaining professional at all times. Add side partings or gel products for even more flair when finishing your look!