How to Style Bangs on Long Hair After 60

Bangs can effectively cover forehead wrinkles and make you appear younger, but if cut improperly, they could ruin your appearance. Here are some hairstyle ideas for long hair after 60:

A layered pixie with side-swept bangs frames your face beautifully, helping soften discrepancies between a prominent forehead and a slim chin. It is an attractive yet versatile hairstyle, suitable for all shades.

A blunt bob is the quintessential classic haircut that suits every hair texture, fabulous hair that needs added volume. Additionally, adding highlights can create an eye-catching balayage effect. For a sleek blunt cut, ask your stylist to pin-straighten it with a blow dryer and protective spray such as Arkive Hybrid Pomade; it provides an effortless smoothness while giving a glossy shine finish. A neck-length blunt bob with curtain bangs is timeless yet chic, especially in luminous blonde. It is perfect for triangular and diamond face shapes, as its angled edge frames your forehead perfectly while lengthening a slim neck.

The layered pixie is an easy way to make an eye-catching style statement and works on every hair color and texture, particularly curly locks with waves or coils. Add a volumizing styling product for this look! This extended pixie cut exudes sophistication with its face-framing bangs and elegant blonde hue. The feathered layers create an eye-catching silhouette that highlights your cheekbones while drawing attention to your eyes. This platinum pixie is an ideal style for thick hair. The chunky and layered shape adds volume while being easy to grow out into a longer bob style. Additionally, this cut can help embrace gray hair without losing femininity; add light-catching highlights for an eye-catching finish!

The deep side part is an undeniably trendy look and an excellent way to add volume and dimension. It is similar to a regular side part but with a more profound division that starts about one inch further to the side. This look works on all hair types and face shapes but is incredibly flattering on oblong or rectangular faces and can even elongate the jawline. If you have fine hair, spray volumizing onto its roots before styling to maintain this style all day. Try pairing this look with a layered bob or side-swept bangs to achieve a glamorous, red-carpet-ready style. Additionally, this can work beautifully as part of a half-up/half-down hairstyle or sleek ponytail style.

Women over 50 may find a classic chin-length bob appealing, especially when combined with trendy side bangs. The modern yet timeless cut emphasizes cheekbones while framing eyes; its subtle side bangs also help hide forehead wrinkles without covering eyebrows completely. Hairstylists should consider creating this elegant layered style by layering short stacked layers in the back, with face-framing long bangs and face-framing bangs framing them for an age-defying layered haircut with volume and texture-boosting layers to enhance thin locks. Subtle layers in your haircut can make it look unruly; however, with proper styling techniques, you can keep it looking sleek and youthful. Try blow-drying your layered bob using volumizing mousse and utilizing a paddle brush for smooth results.

An elegant style can be achieved with a shoulder-length layered hairstyle featuring wispy bangs and layers. This cut helps conceal a broad forehead while adding an irresistibly feminine vibe – ideal for women with thin or delicate locks. Feathered wispy bangs can help soften a strong jawline and give an aged look. Try pairing this style with vibrant hair colors such as pink, blue, green, or purple to achieve an eye-catching appearance. This beautiful hairstyle features a classic rounded bob with ash brown highlights and an intricate long side braid to frame the fringe over your eyes. Additionally, long strands of your hair can be gathered together at one side for an organized look; thin, wispy bangs add dimension.