Best Colors For Dark Hair

Discover Your Natural Brown Shade

Find your natural brown shade by adding warm highlights to emphasize its depth. Another option is to ask your stylist to strategically place caramel pops on your face frame for a subtler look.

Semi and Demi-Permanent Dyes

Reduce damage to your hair and make the color last longer by choosing semi or demi-permanent dyes with low ammonia and peroxide levels. These dyes are gentler on your tresses and extend the longevity of the paint.

Ash Brown

Ash brown gives you silver-haired glamour without the risk of brassiness. It works well on olive skin tones and pairs beautifully with rich hues like cobalt blue or navy blue. Balayage, a technique blending natural brown locks with silver-toned highlights, is a low-maintenance alternative.

Celebrities and Ash Brown

Celebrities like Halle Berry, Tiffany Haddish, and Gabrielle Union have experimented with pastel, gray, purple, and silver ash hair colors. Try the chocolate ash brown shade as a base color and highlight with light gold, pink, and silver hues for a trendy look.

Copper Blonde

Switch things up with an electric copper hue to add vibrance if your dark brown locks have grown dull. This captivating color looks incredible on medium to darker skin tones. Soft ombre is a great technique to add warmth and brightness without overshadowing natural colors.

Lighter Orange Tones

If you need more time to get ready for full copper hues, try opting for lighter orange tones like saffron. These tones provide a stunning contrast against dark hair. Use a professional color depositing conditioner for the best results.

Chocolate Brown

Demi or semi-permanent options are perfect for adding color without fully committing to dyeing your entire head. Deep chestnut, chocolate tones, rich coppers, and warm undertones like hickory and mahogany shades are recommended by experts for their versatility in complementing most skin tones.

Honey Glaze Highlights

Add honey glaze highlights to your dark chocolate brown locks for an eye-catching, subtle, vibrant effect. This will make your hair lustrous and draw attention.

Indigo Highlights

Create a visual impact by pairing your chocolate brown mane with indigo highlights, offering purple and gray tones. This bold look will make heads turn.


Balayage is a less damaging way to lighten dark hair without going fully blonde. This technique combines brown and blonde tones and can be customized to suit different skin tones.

Bob Cut with Golden Blonde Highlights

Try a bob cut with a chocolate brown base and golden blonde highlights for a warm-toned, girl-next-door vibe suitable for any face shape. This look is excellent for fine hair and can be maintained with regular touch-ups.

hair Color Choices for Brunettes

Brunettes have many color choices, including rich coppers and warm mahogany hues that add depth. Understanding the differences between ombre and somber styles can help you select the right shade.

Ombre vs. Sombre

Ombre involves a more dramatic transition from dark to light shades with intricate lines, while somber refers to a smoother blending of lighter tones throughout your strands.