Balayage Highlights for Curly Hair

Balayage highlights can add dimension and movement to curly locks with their hand-painted color technique. They create sun-kissed highlights that subtly highlight activity and definition in curls. Balayage highlights are gentler on your hair than traditional highlights and don’t require foils that may damage coils. To maintain healthy locks, it is best to follow the advice of a beauty professional for optimal results.

Ash Brown to Blonde

Ash-blonde can be accessible to brunettes using the light balayage technique, giving them a platinum look without the damage caused by bleaching their entire head of hair. Gray tones woven throughout more golden highlights add dimension. This color option is excellent for brunettes desiring lighter roots without bleach. High-contrast balayage works well on curly locks, adding size and depth. Work with your stylist to carefully apply golden brown hues onto roots and ends for a well-blended result.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde balayage is an excellent shade to transition into darker hues. Unlike traditional highlights that fade into a solid blonde, balayage involves hand-painting multiple shades onto your locks for an organic gradient effect. Ask your stylist to place the highlights around your face for optimal impact.

Coppery Streaks

Dark brown hair provides the ideal base color for coppery highlights to pop against its deep tone. This creates an elegant yet natural effect that frames facial features beautifully. Plus, using the balayage technique means this look requires far less maintenance, with no touching up of roots needed! Copper highlights pair perfectly with red and brown hair colors, amplifying these warm tones while giving them a striking look. This balayage style looks beautiful on long, wavy locks or even in a layered bob haircut.

Babylights and Neon Colors

If you prefer something subtler, babylights might be the thing! This highlighting technique involves applying a lightener in smaller sections of hair to create a softer, more natural look. Neon colors can be incorporated for a more dramatic look, but regularly check toners to prevent brassiness.

Rose Gold

Freehand highlighting techniques like balayage create beautiful color blends that require less maintenance and have less harsh regrowth lines than regular foil highlights. Balayage works wonders on all hair shades, from blonde to brown, black, red, and grey. Brunette balayage looks gorgeous on all hair lengths and textures, especially when highlighted lighter than the base color. Caramel balayage creates an appealing sun-kissed effect in brown hair, complementing red tones perfectly while looking beautiful on curly and wavy locks.

Honey Hues

Instead of standard ash brown highlights, experiment with more luxurious honey hues. These colors add depth and warmth to create beautiful, springy curls. Full balayage sessions can lighten your entire mane at once, or you can opt for face-framing honey highlights for something less comprehensive. These subtle hues look beautiful with curly locks and create the illusion of a tropical holiday glow.

Tips for Maintaining Balayage

Be mindful that bleached blonde styles can dry out your curls, so moisturize with a hair mask and color protectant outside the salon. Schedule an in-salon gloss session every six weeks to prevent brassiness and maintain desired results. This way, you can experiment with shades and tonal variations until you find your ideal balayage look.