Color Ideas – Balayage

Balayage can create smooth and subtle variations or jaw-droppingly dramatic results, from fine blends of caramel brown and platinum blonde hues, to dramatic changes. Perfect for creating the sunkissed girl-next-door effect on wavy locks.

Smoky blonde balayage adds sophistication and beauty to dark locks, looking stunning on bob and lob cuts.

Brown and Blonde

If you want a natural-looking way to lighten your locks without creating the big tone gap associated with ombre, try opting for more subdued balayage highlights instead of having them blend at the ends – this creates an appealing modern and natural aesthetic.

Dark blondes love using the balayage technique to achieve a beachy sunkissed look. When applied in freehand style, this sunkissed balayage gives a natural-looking beachy hue reminiscent of sunkissed skin. This shade significantly benefits Wavy or curly locks as it highlights their movement.

Add dimension and contrast to your chocolate brown balayage hair color by sprinkling copper and blonde highlights. The contrast creates an eye-catching, girly look that makes you feel like royalty even when wearing something casual like a flannel! Touch-ups should occur every six weeks to prevent root regrowth. The result will give your locks the appearance of princess-worthy waves!

Brown and Gray

Create an effortless sunkissed look that looks fresh and natural with brown balayage, an exciting color technique blending dark chocolate brown with golden blonde streaks for an eye-catching caramel-ribbon effect that complements any bob haircut. The end result will look gorgeous, effortless, and versatile!

Brunettes can also use balayage shades to disguise gray strands by creating an even fade to the bottom of their hair. An excellent ash-brown mix works wonders in concealing gray roots while adding contrast with warm chocolate hues below it.

Curly hair creates an exquisite canvas for a balayage shade, as its curly textures enhance its dramatic highlights. This brown and silver balayage shade makes wavy lobs look incredibly stunning, thanks to the contrast between light and dark strands highlighting each curl pattern beautifully.

Reddish Brown

If you’re a brunette looking to experiment with red hair colors, you don’t have to commit to an all-out dye job; ask your colorist to apply subtle baby lights that bring out the natural hue and create sunkissed highlights like Olivia Munn’s here or a more dramatic auburn balayage that enhances your brown base while complementing all complexions (Luisa Hale does this well).

If you need more time to commit fully to redhead-dom, why not opt for a dark mahogany brunette with rich copper balayage highlights instead? This shade looks luxurious and glamorous, perfect for conservative workplaces where bold hues may not be permitted. Plus, it requires minimal upkeep as roots may need touching up every three or four months!

Brown and Black

Many women struggle to decide between blonde and brunette hair colors, so why not have both? A caramel balayage with blonde highlights offers the ideal compromise – providing your locks with a stunning contrast of color while making for an exquisite finish.

If you’re a dark brunette, try opting for a light brown balayage with red undertones to add warmth and make your brown locks pop! Additionally, this look will cover any new gray hairs which may have begun emerging and prevent them from creating an obvious line between dyed and natural strands.

For an eye-catching style, ask your stylist to add subtle caramel highlights on top of darker roots, just as Priyanka Chopra did. This will lighten up your strands without making them too bright, and it can quickly be grown out if it doesn’t suit. Be sure to use a quality deep conditioner and treatment products like those offered by VOGUE(r) to extend its lifespan.