Short Women Haircuts For Thick Hair

Thick hair can be lovely to look at but is often challenging to control. With short haircuts for thick hair available that require minimal upkeep and effort to maintain, these styles allow you to take full advantage of their natural volume without the added hassle.

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

She sports a stacked bob style highlighted by dark blonde color and texturized layers. The asymmetry of this look also takes away from any weighty tent effect caused by thick hair.

Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is one of the best haircuts for thick hair. Its super cute and flattering profile makes it an excellent option for women looking to keep their look simple yet chic.

Choppy Layered Bob

Choppy layers add a casual yet stylish edge to a short bob haircut, perfect for pairing with side bangs for framing the face and an added feminine touch.

Pixie with Creative Waves

Elegant is captured through a short pixie haircut. Create a sleek and tidy appearance with short hair by choosing this style, and people won’t take their eyes off of you.

Chin Length Pixie

A chin-length pixie haircut is an attractive and versatile hairstyle option that suits nearly all hair textures and facial structures.

Long Bob

Long bobs have long been considered fashionable thanks to their universal appeal. No matter your hair texture, this look can look classic or contemporary, depending on which styling techniques and hair colors you employ when creating it.

Pixie with Bangs

Pixie cuts with bangs offer those seeking something extra in their hairstyle an excellent opportunity for creativity and flair. Kaley Cuoco wears hers sported by baby bangs and an undercut that shows off every contoured angle of her facial structure.