Bakugou’s Personality Traits

Bakugou is described as a jerk who tends to be self-centered, overconfident and has difficulty admitting his mistakes. However, he does care about Deku and wants a friendly rivalry with him. Initially, the author admitted to overdoing Bakugou’s character but later came around on him.

Bakugou’s Concern for You

Throughout the day, you felt exhausted and had a severe headache. Bakugou noticed your discomfort and would often glare at you from his seat in class. Later, he silently carried you back to the dorms and placed you in bed, showing concern. However, he appeared unhappy and displeased before leaving the room.

Bakugou’s Inferiority Complex

Bakugou has always felt inferior due to how people have treated him since childhood. Despite others’ expectations of perfection, they refuse to help when he fails. Instead of seeking assistance, Bakugou suffers in silence, leading him to become aggressive towards Midoriya and creating a vicious circle. He must change this behavior and open up to others to reach his heroic ideals.

Bakugou’s Superiority Complex

Bakugou’s constant praise leads him to believe he is superior to everyone else. This mindset is challenging to change and results in unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as his bullying behavior. He struggles to accept Midoriya’s strength due to viewing it as inferior. However, with help from his friends, he manages to overcome his inferiority complex.

Bakugou’s Hatred for Midoriya

Bakugou used to bully Midoriya because of his lack of hero quirks and still harbors intense hatred towards him. Bakugou struggled to understand Midoriya’s passion for becoming a hero and tried to discourage him. However, Bakugou has undergone considerable changes since his introduction in My Hero Academia and now collaborates with Midoriya to mentor kids.

Bakugou’s Relationship with Kirishima

Bakugou has an okay relationship with Kirishima, where he trusts and supports her. He refers to her as “Kacchan” to signify his trust and belief in her abilities. This relationship does not necessarily imply love but instead shows Bakugou’s preference for Kirishima’s comfort and safety during fights.