Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

The natural hair movement has gained widespread traction, and there are various styles in which you can wear your kinky curls in. From tapered styles to protective updos, one will surely be suitable for everyone!

Full natural afros

Full natural afros are an elegant way to show off your curls. Maintain them by getting regular trims and avoiding blow dryers.

Tapered Afro

The tapered afro is one of the trendiest ways to style natural hair. It combines the low fade cut with thick coils in an Afro for a chic and casual finish. Coloring it can make a bold statement.

Asymmetrical Afro

Asymmetrical hairstyles add flair to your natural fro. This trendy look features a deep side part and coiled curls. Adding highlights can bring out the drama and texture.

Deep Side Part

The deep side part is best for black women with thick or curly hair. Achievable with regular detangling and moisturizing, this style makes an eye-catching statement.

Twisted Halo

A messy halo braid is a beautiful casual style showing your unique hair texture. It can be easily changed by teasing strands or adding volume.

Protective Style

Protective styles like wigs and braids can help hair grow faster, but it’s important not to leave them in for too long to avoid weakening and breakage. Senegalese twists offer low-maintenance protective styling options.