Baddie Hairstyles For Summer

No matter what kind of look you’re going for – from ponytails and braids, to updos – these eye-catching hairstyles will certainly elevate your slay game! From ponytails to braids and more – these looks will have everyone talking.

The half-up fountain pony is an effortless baddie hairstyle for girls with long locks, easy to create and truly beautiful.

Boxer Braids

If you want to add a unique look to your boxer braids, try adding silver strands. They will really make them stand out while being very feminine. As another option, dyeing with temporary color solutions could work just as well.

Boxer braids differ from Dutch or reverse French braiding in that their outer strands cross under rather than over the middle one, though despite this minor change they remain almost identical styles. Reviving old trends and trumpeting them as “new” is all well and good; however, taking old trends that were widely popular before and presenting them as new can sometimes prove tiresome to viewers; such as with last year’s “strobing trend.”

Criss-Cross Rubber Bands

Criss-cross rubber bands can create the ideal baddie look. Not only can they add an exciting edge to your braids, they are also an easy and appealing way to achieve half up style – feel free to use black rubber bands or even red ones to further emphasize this style!

For this hairstyle, begin by parting your freshly cleaned, moisturized and straightened or stretched locks into two sections and tying each off separately with rubber bands. As soon as one section is tied off securely, adjust its position with that in the opposite corner by using another rubber band to tie off. Make sure each mini section contains sufficient hair to avoid breakage!

Double Buns

For a casual yet trendy look, try the double bun. This hairstyle works beautifully on both short and long locks alike and requires very minimal upkeep; simply gather two small ponytails, twist into a double bun shape, and secure with hair pins for the finished product.

An alternative way of creating a double bun is to tie loose strands around each one and secure with hairpins, creating an uneven yet messy style that looks as though you just woke up!

This style is ideal for those with wavy or curly locks as it allows their natural texture to show through. Furthermore, it looks fantastic when combined with bold hair colors like red or blonde hues.

Sleek Long Hair

Long, sleek hair is a coveted baddie look that can be easily accessorized with fun hair accessories. Perfect for day and night styling alike, this look can easily fit into casual or formal wardrobes. To achieve this style, hair should first be straightened then pulled back into either a high ponytail or bun for easy style.

To add volume and dimension to a ponytail hairstyle, curls can be teased or backcombed to give it more body. Accent braids may also be added for an eye-catching finish.

Another option for long, sleek hair is a blunt bob, which can be worn either with or without bangs, and pairs nicely with a cute headscarf. Finger waves offer another stylish option and can even be customized by using beads or jewels to decorate your locks for an easy beachy vibe.