4-Step Haircut For Men

1. The top:

– Many men prefer to wear their hair long on top.

– The quiff is a popular style that adds height and can be easily managed.

– To create a quiff, start by pinning up the hair and trimming any excess.

– Check the back and sides to ensure a balanced look.

– The crew cut is another option, resembling a fade but with longer hair on top.

2. The sides:

– Men’s hairstyles often feature layers on the sides.

– Properly blending these layers is crucial for a balanced appearance.

– Dampen the hair with water and comb through it from behind.

– Use a clipper guard to blend the cut into the top.

3. The back:

– Visualize an imaginary half-circle shape on top of the head when cutting the back.

– Follow this imaginary path with a point cut to blend the longer top hair with the shorter under hair.

– Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton explains this technique in a video.

4. The beard:

– Men can choose from various beard styles, from close-shaven to rugged.

– The beardstache is a popular choice for a rugged yet tamed look.

– Pairing a beard with a fade cut can create a bold impact.

– Chris Appleton provides a tutorial video on achieving desired cuts and maintaining hair condition.

By following these steps, men can achieve a stylish and well-maintained haircut at home.