Layered Haircuts For Men

Hair is something everyone has in common; it grows and needs regular care to remain looking its best.

Step Haircuts for Men

Step haircuts for men combine a low fade with longer top sections, creating an eye-catching contrast between their short sides and back hair and longer forward-swept locks. Finding an optimal style requires precise precision, but achieving such an iconic look is worth it!


Layered haircuts for men are an effective way to add texture and volume, as they can be tailored specifically for any hair length. In particular, this style works wonders for thin-haired men, creating the illusion of thickness. Furthermore, it’s suitable for curlier or wavy locks as it adds body to the cut. Thicker-haired women may find this layered look very eye-catching and dramatic, especially if they have started to show greying. It is an ideal look for anyone wanting to remain fashionable while remaining dignified and classy.

Step cuts can be worn as a side-slicked back hairstyle or combed forward to allow its layers to fall around your face. Use hair wax for added shine and hold. This look complements every facial structure ideally and is easy to style. The best thing about it is its versatility: this look suits any face shape with minimal maintenance required to keep it looking its best.


A fade is the cornerstone of any barber-approved haircut for men, allowing them to express their individuality easily. This popular hair design creates a striking line of contrast between long or short hair and skin, typically starting just above the ears and nape.

To cut a fade, wash and dry your hair until it is damp. Comb out your locks to identify where your fade should start before using clippers with appropriate guard sizes to shave around your head – begin at the lower section before gradually increasing it as you comb along.

Ask your barber for a high or even bald fade if you want something bolder. This bold yet creative design requires skill and artistry, sure to impress friends, co-workers, and loved ones alike! Additionally, this bold cut pairs nicely with other styles like quiff or pompadour.


Men with thick natural hair may opt for a step-cut haircut to add movement and shape volume. It works particularly well on those with curly or wavy locks as it highlights their natural texture and can look great even when straightened. Avoid cutting too close to the forehead and create a “transition zone.”

Add tapered sides of your hair for structure and an updated aesthetic. Use pomade or hair gel to extend its hold for an all-day style. If you want a classic bad boy look, pair your step cut with a side-swept fringe and side parting. This hairstyle will add flair and help hide any forehead blemishes. This look can also help make an elongated face shape appear more balanced.


Step haircuts feature distinct, wide-spaced layers. These layers create more volume and texture to your locks while giving your mane an illusion of thickness, making this style suitable for those with fine or flat locks. Appleton recommends thinking of a half-circle when cutting your hair on top to achieve a natural-looking blend. This will prevent creating any “bump” at the crown of your head when finishing sides first and using scissors/comb to cut any longer pieces at the peak.

Finish off the look by styling your hair into voluminous curls for a glamorous finish. Before styling, be sure to protect your strands with a heat protectant such as L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Quick Dry Primer Spray. This spray will prevent heat damage while speeding up drying time so you can enjoy your new look quickly!