Bad Men’s Haircuts

Many men can overcome a bad haircut with time, styling products, and experimentation with different hairstyles. However, starting over may be necessary if the cut could be better.

Rat Tail Haircuts

Rat tail haircuts were once fashionable but are now widely seen as undesirable for men’s haircuts. Their unruly appearance makes them difficult to style and creates an unattractive, unkempt appearance that requires frequent maintenance.

Flat Top Haircuts

Mishandling of flat tops can give the appearance of wearing a cap or helmet; often, this results from miscommunication between the barber or hairstylist and the client.

Bowl Haircuts

A bowl haircut is ideal for heart, oval, or square facial structures. Ask your stylist for a deep side part, above-ear undercut, and long bangs that add texture and detail.

This hairstyle creates an eye-catching contrast between its longer top strands and short shaved ones beneath, especially when dyed vibrant colors. Textured bangs give this version of the classic bowl cut a feminine charm that remains modern and sophisticated. Cool-toned platinum locks add another modern edge.

Reverse Mohawk Haircuts

A reverse Mohawk is an eye-catching hairstyle with minimal upkeep requirements. Shave or crop the center strip of hair. Use hair pomade or wax to spike side hairs into wings for added effect.

This spiky haircut is ideal for medium or long-length locks and is associated with the punk movement. Try dyeing your locks a vivid hue like pink or purple to add extra contrast! Wrestlers such as Rowdy Roddy Piper and the Road Warriors have made this style famous, creating a distinct and eye-catching look that can be worn with various fashion choices.

Skullet Haircuts

The Skullet haircut is the ultimate evil men’s cut for those seeking to stand out. Combining elements from mullet and skinhead crew cuts, its signature look features the back and sides shaved while the top is short or bald; wearing this bold hairstyle requires confidence and should only be attempted by those with thick locks.

A more accessible and more refined Skullet haircut can be achieved by adding fades to both sides and the back of your head. This will add polish while making maintenance simpler. Additionally, you could add designs or facial hair as an extra detail for even further refinement of this style.

Rat Tail Haircuts

For men looking for an authentic gangster look, the rat tail style may be just what’s needed. A long strip of hair dangling from behind your neck creates the signature rat tail look, which can be styled in various ways, including braided, slicked straight across, or curled styles.

Although difficult to achieve and could even appear dated on men. Nonetheless, it makes an impactful fashion statement! Adding color is an effective way to make a rat tail haircut more modern. A tiger-inspired rat tail looks stunning and would be great for Halloween. For a more subtle option, try the burst fade with a small rat tail, or add orange, red, or purple accents for some added pop!