Aveda Curly Hair Care Products

Your curls require extra care and attention to remain healthy and in shape, so Aveda products can help define, soften, and moisturize them for you. Take a look at these Aveda offerings.

Be Curly Shampoo

Feed your curls with this profoundly hydrating shampoo designed to strengthen and nourish strands, making them appear fuller and healthier. Packed with natural essential oils like Peppermint and Eucalyptus for extra hydration and added shine. Regular shampoos may be designed for normal hair, but curly locks require gentler care to preserve curl patterns and avoid over-drying. This sulfate-free shampoo offers just such nourishment as it adds shea butter and organic coconut oil for additional softening and care. Be Curly shampoo and conditioner are ideal for medium to coarse, wavy, and curly hair types, offering optimal care to achieve healthy-looking coils. Made with wheat protein and organic aloe to provide protection and leave locks shiny and smooth – their combination provides optimal healthy-looking curls!

Be Curly Conditioner

Aveda is known for its holistic, plant-based collection, and this organic remedy from Aveda’s range aimed at strengthening your beautiful curls is no different. Packed with nutrients to lock in hydration and impart strength to each hair strand, its powerful formula detangles easily for effortless styling and care. Wheat protein and organic aloe combine to enhance your locks by expanding when wet and retracting when dry, providing extra volume while taming frizz and increasing shine. Enjoy its refreshing citrus, bergamot, and orange aroma for optimal softness and suppleness of hair after each daily application of this conditioner!

Be Curly Styling Creme

Top-rated vegan and natural style prep, this remedy intensifies your curls for gorgeous locks with stunning luster. A combination of wheat protein and organic aloe expands when wet before retracting them again for a soft, pliable hold and sparkling shine. This moisturizing curl enhancer was developed explicitly for hair texture types 2A-4C, providing long-term moisture and bounce to curls that have definition but remain flexible enough for easy styling. Formulated from rice amino acids, avocado oil, quinoa, and tomato fruit ferment extract, its combination helps hydrate dry locks while smoothing frizz and creating bounciness throughout the day. Perfect for forming sleek and stylish ponytails, this soft, pliable styling cream is an indispensable essential. Crafted with traceable ingredients to ensure quality and responsible sourcing practices, its hydrating formula moisturizes hair while protecting it against humidity for up to 12 hours, detangling curls easily for easier comb-through, hydrating against humidity for 12 hours at a time and protecting against humidity for 12 more.

Be Curly Curl Enhancer

Be Curly is an outstanding range designed to bring out the best in curly locks and gorgeous ringlets, harnessing natural ingredients with relaxing floral and citrus essences for maximum curl enhancement. Each product in this collection provides holistic, vegan, and cruelty-free relief to bring out your best waves and coils. Embody your curls with Be Curly Shampoo’s rich blend of organic Aloe Vera and Wheat Protein for gentle cleansing that tames frizz flyaways and leaves your locks with a healthy shine. After shampooing, follow with a conditioner that boosts elasticity to define and enhance curls while moisturizing for softness and bounce – and for easy low ponytail styling, use our Be Curly Styling Creme to intensify curls while taming frizz while adding shine; your voluminous locks will have you fall in love quickly!