How to Get Rid of Bad Hair Lines

As you age, your hairline may change or shift over time. It might move upwards, creating an unattractive widow’s peak or M-shaped line – all signs that it should be time for a change! Although this condition can be frustrating, there are ways to treat it effectively with some simple hacks and medical treatments which have shown promise.

1. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Cornrows, braids, and tightly pulled updos can damage your hair if worn for too long or tight; this may result in permanent hair loss as damaged follicles cannot regenerate and grow back. If your hairline is an issue, try looser styles instead of protective styles to allow your strands to breathe and help cover up their appearance. If necessary, moisturize the scalp and hair regularly with moisturizer. Use a detangler such as Natural Rehydrating Mist