Back to School Hairstyles For Girls

Many kids are eager to show off a fresh new style as school approaches. From sporting a classic ponytail with scrunchies or two French braids – back-to-school hairstyles are simple yet engaging ways for children to express themselves!

Double Ponytail for Picture Day

Start this year right with an adorable double ponytail for picture day! It is simple and looks fantastic with both curls and waves.

Slicked-Back Ponytail

A classic and versatile ponytail style worn by celebs like Zendaya and Mila Kunis never goes out of fashion. Perfect for formal occasions and more casual settings, this look gives your facelift while keeping hair out of your eyes for a relaxed vibe. Additionally, its convenience means long or wavy hair types can keep their style neat after several days since their last wash! “For an effortless look,” Fitzsimons advises using a dime-sized amount of hair gel or pomade to control flyaways and keep hair in place. Add some spice and personality to your ponytail by including a scrunchie or small plastic hair ties as extra accessories! Create an intriguing bubble braid in the ponytail for an eye-catching finish!

Butterfly Clips

The back-to-school season offers girls an ideal opportunity to experiment with cute hair accessories. While a classic slicked-back ponytail works well, why not add flair by adding a colorful butterfly clip for visual interest? Not only is this style flexible across any hair texture – coily to curly!- larger clips work exceptionally well when accentuating dreads and locs so they stand out. For an elegant back-to-school hairstyle, opt for darker or neutral clip colors and position the butterfly clip at the center of your hairline. Alternately, stagger the butterfly clips on either side for an eye-catching crown effect. This style works beautifully when combined with a rope twisted bun for homecoming/prom events and everyday Thursdays! Remember to finish this hairstyle with strong-hold hairspray before taking it on your first day of classes!

French Braids

A French braid is an effortless back-to-school look perfect for showing off the natural texture. Apply a curl-defining lotion on damp hair, gather tendrils into a low-side braid, and tie off! According to Brasure, “This style requires no heat styling or heavy products – making it a fantastic way to create beautiful styles without heat styling or heavy products!” This style works best on medium to long locks, though short ponytails will do just as well. To add more texture to this look, weave small strands of new hair every time a cross strand goes from its initial position toward its center position. One playful variation is the halo braid, which mimics a princess crown, instantly increases your confidence, and makes you feel beautiful. For a more accessible casual style, tuck the ends of the braid behind your ears for an informal and relaxed appearance.

Bubble Braids

When cornrows or three-strand braids get boring, try switching things up with bubble braids! This stylish braiding style will instantly boost your girl’s style factor and is especially easy on 4c hair! Once in place, take an elastic a couple of inches down from where your ponytail sits, and fishtail braids it, using your fingers to loosen up space between elastics to form bubbles between elastics for added dimension. Repeat these steps on both sides until you have achieved a full bubble braid look! Finish off this look with a light spritz of hairspray for added hold and organization. To add flair, scrunchies can also add to its fun, trendy aesthetic – perfect for back to school! This style looks beautiful on both straight and wavy strands alike.