Cute Hairstyles For Beginners For Back to School

An exciting new school year means new notebooks, clean lockers, and stylish hairstyles perfect for the beginning term! Here are our favorite easy, quick, and girly options you should give a try this fall term.

Braids for a Professional Look: Crown Dutch Braid

Try a crown dutch braid for an updo that goes beyond your average ponytail look. Braids can be an easy and stylish way to look professional and put-together.

Half Up Half Down with Two Topsy Tails

A super adorable hairstyle suitable for casual office environments as well as special events like weddings. Perfect for ladies with long locks and easy to create.

Just separate a small section of hair and secure it with an elastic band, before creating another topsy tail with it on top of your first topsy tail for added texture and fullness in your half up half down hairstyle. This simple step can add dimension and fullness to any half up half down style!

Add multiple topsy tails to this hairstyle for added beauty. Experiment with different decorations, like bows and flowers, to personalize it further and get compliments from everyone around you! Just be sure to secure it with bobby pins before using hairspray to keep the style in place as long as possible.

Double Bun for Quick Styling

If you need to quickly style your hair without looking unshowered, try this cute double bun style. This model-esque look will keep strands out of the face and let you show off facial features even if your locks are slightly messy or tangled.

Hair Tie Braids for a Cute and Flirtatious Look

hair tie braids have recently become one of the newest trends to hit hairstyling, with celebrities such as Lady Gaga opting for this cute yet flirtatious style. All you need are some elastic hair ties and bobby pins to achieve this casual yet flirty look that is simple to achieve and great for anyone wanting an elevated, casual appearance.

This hairstyle offers many unique variations based on your individual preferences. Leave loose and tousled buns for an informal style, or add extra strands to frame your face for added volume and definition. A gorgeous and feminine style perfect for any special event; add or subtract bow accessories as necessary!

Low Ponytail with hair Bow for an Instant Chic Twist

Add an instant chic twist to any ponytail by adding a hair bow for an instantly chic look. This accessory adds romantic flare while being easy and quick to put in place.

For this charming style, begin by combing through and detangling your strands to remove any knots or tangles before brushing through them. Next, pull back your locks into a low ponytail at the crown of your head, secured with an elastic. Finally, using your fingers, grab a small section of hair and tie a bow at its base; placing this at the base will help hide its elastic and create an elegant feminine look.

Take the hair bow trend one step further by using it as an embellishment for your braid. This on-trend style makes for the ideal Valentine’s Day date or casual friends night out and can easily be achieved by intertwining red ribbon throughout your plait.

Two French Braids for Flair and Standout Style

A double French braid is both cute and easy. Perfect for anyone wanting to add some flair and stand out, this style works great with any look for an instant upgrade in their look.

As with the single side braid, begin with a middle part and French braid both sides of your head back towards your nape in French braid fashion. This may give an uneven appearance, but it still looks adorable! Feel free to keep looser braids or tighten tighter for more structured looks.

Add color accents to take this style one step further! Try spraying or shampooing in different hues for added drama; temporary dye may even work before making a permanent decision – just remember to secure it all with quality hairspray to set your look!