How to Dye Baby Pink Hair

Pink hair has recently seen an enormous surge in popularity, as seen in celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Abbey Roberts, who all feature it on Instagram feeds. Furthermore, pink hues work for just about everyone!

Tips to Maintain Vibrant Pastel Pink Hair

– Always wash with a sulphate-free shampoo.

– Avoid hot water when washing it.

– Incorporate color-boosting conditioner into your routine.

Choosing the Right Shade

– Select a peachy pink hue for a universally flattering and subtle introduction to pastel colors.

– Try lilac ombres for a deeper shade that works effectively, ideal for brunettes.

– Use a nourishing conditioner to maintain vibrant pastel pink strands.

– Protect your hair from heat styling and scorching weather.

Creating Eye-Catching Neon Pink Hair

– Pink dye comes in various bright hues.

– Start with light hair for long-term pink hues.

– Seek professional help for pink hair transformation.

– Maintain vibrant pink locks with color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

– Use cold water when possible and limit heat styling.

Green hair for a Bold and Sexy Look

– Green hair requires regular maintenance.

– Light tints of green work well on blonde and brown hair.

– Washed-out green shades flatter all skin tones.

– Asian Doll experiments with bold green hues.

Pink hair for Brunettes

– Pink adds depth and character to brown hair.

– Choose lighter hues for a natural-looking finish.

– Darker tones offer contrast for an eye-catching appearance.

– Chunky pink streaks and ombre techniques make a statement.