Latest Design Trend – Amber Hair Color

Amber hair has its roots in southern India, but is now used throughout the world. People love the fashion, glamour, and beauty that come with this beautiful hair color. Amber is soft and luxurious, perfect for those who want to walk down the red carpet and shine. Here are some Model ideas for your gorgeous amber hair:

An amber Hair color is an excellent option for those who wish to dye their locks a lovely shade between red and blonde. These trendy images of amber hair dye will definitely inspire you to head to your favorite salon or purchase that large box of this dye off the rack. If you are feeling creative and would like to try something different, you can create your own version of these hair colors at home. There are many websites that feature the most popular shades of red, blonde, and amber Hair colors. By simply browsing through these pages you should be able to find the right shade for your particular needs.

If you long to make a dramatic change, then amber Hair color may be just right for you. It s not quite a “fashion faux pas” as some think it to be, but it can give you Best style without breaking the bank. Amber is the color of choice for the latest hip-hop dance movements as well as many fashion-forward women who are looking for that “Wow Factor.” It is a natural color that will help you make a bold statement, and it is relatively easy to style. Here are Best style trends involving hair colored in amber:

Beautiful Styles With Amber Hair Dye

What is an Amber Hair Color? Amber Hair falls into the medium to dark red color category, however there are also a number of variations on the classic trend, as this color can be easily customized to suit your skin tone. The color features warm notes of orange, red, and gold tones, which make for an extremely warm, full-bodied hue. Amber is popular for both women and men. It can be styled into short hair, long hair, or all-out, dramatic cuts. This beautiful hair dye has many rich, exotic hues to choose from; you should definitely start by browsing the gallery pictures for the most popular colors and how other women are styling their Hair!